Thursday, January 15, 2009

I knew there was a reason not to have Facebook

UPDATE: I eat my words, because I am on facebook now. When so many of my family members joined they persuaded me. I love it and recommend it! 9/18/09

As if I needed one! Who has the time? Today the Trib reported about the "Koobface" scam, which is actually a virus. I'm proud that I haven't yet jumped on the Facebook bandwagon! I won't say that I never will, but I probably won't. I did give Twitter a try and got bored real fast. I do have a myspace, but how could I not, since I love music! I have been inundated with invites to Facebook, Friendster, and a few other social networking sites that I won't mention.

Anyway, if you get a chance, be sure and read "Facebook scam makes for awkward water-cooler talk" by clicking the title link. According to the article, this Koobface virus first emerged over the summer and has circulated around both MySpace and Facebook. Yikes!

And speaking of social networking sites, Wikipedia lists 132 of them(!
And this is not a complete listing.

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Mary Ellen said...

I'm not on Facebook or MySpace. I have enough trouble keeping up with my blog.

Anyway, I came here to tell you that I tagged you for a meme. I realize some people hate those things, so don't feel like you have to do it. It won't hurt my feelings or anything, but if God smites you for not doing it, don't say I didn't warn ya. ;-)

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