Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Post Office Wants to End Saturday Delivery

Usually not rain or snow slows the U.S. Postal Service, but a rising deficit may force a slowdown.

Postmaster General, John Potter says the post office's financial situation could force the agency to cut a full day of mail delivery each week.

Potter asked a congressional panel today to end the requirement that the post office deliver mail six days a week. Although Saturday seems the likely day to be cut, another day could be chosen, such as Tuesday. How could they even consider this, while the nation is facing increasing unemployment?

I just wonder how that will fit in to the Obama administration's plan of job creation. It would seem that some postal employees would lose jobs, if mail delivery goes from six days a week to five. And you know they will also blame this on email! News Flash: People don't always check their email everyday!

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2 comments: said...


You know, I wouldn't even care if they only delivered it once a week. The mail that come here is bills or adds. Nothing more.

Save our tax money.


Mary Ellen said...

I'm not sure how that will effect postal workers. I don't think they will lose their jobs, but their salaries will be cut for sure. Most of them don't work six days a week, but five and the other day is covered by a part time employee. They may be cutting the part timers and just having the regulars deliver five days.

My brother was a postal worker for many years and it was a grueling job. He retired early on a medical leave because he had colon cancer and could no longer do the heavy work after surgery. If they don't finish their routes on time, they catch hell for it. The post office does not like to pay overtime!

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