Friday, January 2, 2009

Meet the new junior Senator from Illinois

You might have noticed, I have refrained from commenting about Blago's latest controversy. For one, it's overkill on every news outlet. And also it is because I have always admired Roland Burris and voted for him each time he ran for various offices in Illinois. I don't know him personally, having only shook his hand several different times at rallies. But there has always been something about him I just liked. I trusted him and had faith in his ability to govern. Many people in this state, and throughout the U.S. think he should have not accepted the appointment. But as it stands, Governor Blagojevich has yet to be convicted, impeached, or even indicted. Illinois deserves two senators just like all other states. And it is the Governor's duty to fill the seat. And so it is done.

None of that was the first thing on my mind, when I heard about this on the news. What did come to mind was the time I had my own little experience with the "shakedown tactics" of Illinois politicians. You see, I had always allowed the local democratic party to put large signs in the unused part of my large front yard of my farm and home, since the house sits far back and there is a highway in front.

Well, it was about a month before the primary of 2002 that I received a threatening phone call from the then county Chairman of the Democratic Party. He wanted to know why I had that "Burris for Governor" sign in my yard! I told him, "because that is who I want to win." And then I was asked, "well, does he spend money at your business?" I said, "no, but none of the candidates do, because they aren't from this area." He said, "well, the democrats here are for Blagojevich, not Burris. So, if you want me and the rest of the local democrats to spend money at your business, you will take down that Burris sign." I was so angry, but I did take the sign down. I did not; however, put up a Blagojevich sign.

And if you wonder why this local chairman did not want to support Burris in any way, just use your imagination. I wouldn't want to accuse him of anything, but I have a pretty good idea as to why he didn't want Burris to win. I will keep that to myself though.

After that incident, I don't allow primary signs at all in my yard!

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