Thursday, December 24, 2009

Arctic Christmas at Festival of Trees

This tree was completely and utterly covered with decorations! Everything was very "icy." It even had icy Spanish Moss. This was a great tree that just glowed! Ctl + to enlarge view!

Somewhere I still have photos of two other neat trees. I hope I can find the one with the very unique topper I made. The top is shaped like a crown and sitting on that is one of those 100 light spheres! That bright tree topper about lit the whole ceiling up! It's worth posting, if I can find it in the next few days.

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HalfCrazy said...

Lol, you're right about it being very 'icy'!

Man, you got some real passion for decorating trees!

John said...

@HalfCrazy, I loved this tree and remember how it just sparkled! I guess I was passionate for this festival each year, but I eventually dropped out of it. I felt pressured to "out do" the previous year's trees and plus it got to be very expensive. It was a lot of work though. Everything had to be secured on the tree, so that it could be transported.

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