Thursday, December 24, 2009

Once again weather causes internet service problems

Oh no! My Internet connection is starting to let me down already and I have several photos to upload. Each time I try, I get this message:

Web Acceleration Client Error (506) - Suspected Recent Satellite Link Outage

The satellite link was operating properly up until the most recent web page request, but the last request could not be successfully sent across the satellite link to the Web Acceleration Server. Possible causes for this include recent changes in weather conditions or equipment problems in the Network Operations Center. Trying again at a later time may result in restored service due to either improvements in the weather conditions causing the service outage or rectification of a network problem in the Network Operations Center. If this problem persists, please contact your service provider for additional assistance.

I will try again later to upload some nice Christmas tree photos, especially after I just posted my "Li'l Tree." Charlie Brown's Christmas tree looked better than mine! If I don't get anything else posted, again Merry Christmas!

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