Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Black & White Angel Tree

This black and white angel themed tree is one I have put up ever since my grandchildren were born--that is, if I put a big tree up. It also has many homemade decorations that my daughter made throughout pre-school and elementary school. Well, obviously the tree has a little bit of everything--your typical home Christmas tree, but mostly angels.

This was the first year my grandchildren had spent Christmas with me, since they previously lived in Florida. The first time they saw the tree lit up, they would stare at it for hours and tug at decorations (the kids were more destructive than the cats)! But that's okay! PaPaw spoiled them good at every opportunity! Alex would tell everybody "PaPaw got lights, PaPaw got lights!" I had way too many lights on that tree LOL! Those were such good memories.

The first photo is clickable, in case you want a closer look! Click it! You know you want to! Yes, that is a black angel on top of the tree too. And if take a closer look, you will see dozens of angels, some with white robes on and some with gold robes. Half of all the angels are black and half of them are white.

I mixed the black and white angels, because my grandchildren are mixed, meaning they are biracial. They have a Caucasian mother and an African American father. They have a big family of both white folks and black folks.

I know you probably wouldn't believe that the kids are biracial by looking at them, but they are indeed. They look more white than black, but when the children look at people, they do not see a skin color. They see beyond that, and I am proud that they are accepted in both worlds. I'm also thankful that our families get along. The kids are very smart and very talented too!

This is a terrible picture of the kids, I know with those facial expressions! I couldn't resist posting it though, because Tommy the Cat is also in the photo! By the way, Tommy is still with us, but he is getting old! The children are eight and seven years old now and were about two and three in this photo.

The bottom photo is not clickable, but can be magnified by pressing Ctrl + a few times.

Since this photo, I have also put new curtains in that room and painted the walls the greyish marble look that has been seen on this blog before. It is actually three colors painted with a special double brush and a lot of touch ups by hand, and the trim is brilliant white. It looks so much better! The room is actually a large dining room, but we don't use it for dining. It's more like a sitting room with no television. It's my favorite room in the house. Nothing Christmasy in it this year though.

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HalfCrazy said...

Wow, it's intriguing that your grandchildren are biracial! It's interesting to see white and black being mixed together! They're exposed to different cultures! When you mix white and black, sometimes you'd get tanned kids. Not too white, not too black! Different mixes yields great results!

Haha, what was Tommy doing there anyway lol!

John said...

@HalfCrazy, thanks for such a great comment! I think people probably didn't know what to say in a comment on this one! As you probably know, race is such a touchy issue in this country.

Tommy...that crazy cat! He liked that big tree too and was usually hiding under it. I think Tommy was afraid of Alex, because Alex always chased him and tried to pick him up (but he was not very gentle)!

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