Thursday, December 10, 2009

Barbara Walters asks Lady GaGa about "Bluffin' with my muffin"

Last night Bawbwah WahWah interviewed Lady GaGa first, when she revealed her most fascinating people of 2009. It began with them entering the room propping each other up as they stumbled to their chairs. Maybe Lady GaGa could only see pitch darkness with her dark sunglasses on and Babs had to guide her. I guess we'll never know! In this interview the two share an uncanny resemblance! Barbara gets down right nosey and asks her if she has had sex with women! *awkward* You'll just have to watch the short interview to find out that answer!

I enjoyed the interview, but it was much too short.

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plainolebob said...

John, the interview was too short you are right, but the buddy bo duke, commercial, was funnier than hell.

kenju said...

I saw it last night. I fell asleep before the most fascinating person. Who was it?

Anonymous said...

Jay Leno just played this video clip TONIGHT!!! But he left in the part where Barbara gropes and fondles Lady Gaga while asking her the "Have you ever had sex with women" question. I bet it'll be on YouTube soon.

John said...

@plainolebob, hey thanks for commenting and now I will have to check out that commercial! I did see a few seconds of it on accident, but didn't watch because I think the clip was longer than the Lady GaGa interview!

@kenju, LOL, I fell asleep early and only saw the end of it. I sure am glad we have youtube! The most fascinating person of 2009 (according to Barbara) was Michelle Obama. Not a bad choice (too easy and too predictable). I would hate to be the one to decide who was the most fascinating person of 2009!

@Sweet-Britches, I hope I can find a video clip that Jay Leno showed! OMG! Just when you think his show is boring, he will have something good on! Thanks for the heads up--I'll be watching for it on youtube!

Larry Ohio said...

I'm a little slow on the up-take. I guess I'm a bad 'mo. I must admit I never heard of Lady Gaga before about a month or two ago. Sure, I heard her Poker song, but had no idea who sang it. Same for pretty much every other artist I hear. (I wish radio stations would identify the artists! Grrr)

Now that I know who she is, I'm trying to learn more about her. I like the interview.

John said...

@Larry Ohio, that's okay Larry, I have been told many times that this blogs is informational, so glad to have introduced you to the girl behind the poker face! Her current hit is "Bad Romance." Check it out on youTube!

BTW, Lady GaGa spoke at the Equality March on Washington. Actually she spoke, then shouted into the mic, "ARE YOU LISTENING OBABAM!?"

lavonne said...

I like lady Gaga and the art she creates I don't care what people think of her. You go girl be yourself. I tried to watch your Rihanna one but it didn't load. I like that you have a variety of articles to choose from John, that's pretty cool. Have a great weekend and btw congrat's on 23 years that's longer than me and my hubby have been together (by a year). :-)

John said...

@lavonne, I guess you know I love Lady GaGa too, and like you said-- regardless of what others think of her.

I just edited the post with Rihanna's new video to make the player instructions more clear.

It's a new high quality player I haven't used before, but it works on my computer. I'm hoping you just didn't click the play button first, since that full screen button kinda looks like the play button.

And thanks for all your compliments --you're so sweet!

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