Monday, December 28, 2009

I guess Tyra won't be the next Oprah

Tyra Banks has announced that this will be her last season

of "The Tyra Show." (NYTimes)

You will be missed, Tyra! I must admit I don't watch the show daily, but sometimes my dvr will tape it and a lot of times I find it pretty entertaining. It seems hard to believe her talk show has been on for five years. It took that long just get my attention!

With both Oprah and Tyra both ending their shows, I wish much success to Wendy Williams. I hope to see The Wendy Williams Show for a long time to come! And how YOU doin?!

Here's some memorable clips from The Tyra Show.

This next one is priceless!

And if you don't know who Wendy Williams is,
let me introduce you! Check out her show sometime!
I love her show and highly recommend it! ~ John

(See lots more Wendy videos on YouTube)!

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Michael Rivers said...

I was really surprised by this. I can't help but wonder if something else is going on. She has such a hugely popular, award winning show. She will be missed!

kenju said...

I have never seen Tyra's talk show and although I saw Wendy once, I was not terribly impressed. Maybe I should watch it again before I make up my mind?

HalfCrazy said...

Aww, Tyra and Oprah inspired a lot of people, gave them a confidence boost, and both of them have really interesting guests with different stories to tell. Both of these women are amazing! I used to watch the Tyra Show daily because that girl is so damn funny!

OMG, Tyra's Kiss My Fat Ass speech moved me to tears! LOL I don't have a fat ass but it just overwhelmed me how she said those things out loud with just strong determination and power. And the way the audience applaud. LOL!

LOL I watched How You Doin'? LOL SO DAMN FUNNY! HAHA reminds me of Tyra but she packs more power! Thank you for the heads up!

I swear, I can't stop replaying How You Doin? LOL SO FUNNY!

lavonne said...

I'm gonna miss knowing Oprah is on even though I didn't watch her daily, and Tyra is a hoot! lol. I can easily get lost in a talk show.....including Dr. Phil. so i'm glad Wendy and Phil will still be around, and Monique is pretty good too!

John said...

@Michael Rivers, I know! I heard Tyra has many new projects in the works. I feel like over the years, she has only recently "found her voice," as Hillary would say!

@kenju, I don't know how you missed a Tyra show, since it is syndicated and on at least three channels both day and night! YES, please watch Wendy again! I know it's gossipy with her "Hot Topics," and I wish she would ditch that. Her audience interaction (Ask Wendy) is great ...reminds me of how Phil Donahue would engage his audience! By the way, my daughter is certain that Wendy is really a man. I have told her no she is not and that she has a husband Kevin and a son named Kevin! She still don't believe it.

@HalfCrazy, I agree that Tyra can be so funny sometimes and it doesn't seem to distract from her role as talk show host.

I saw that Tyra show, when she said kiss my big fat ass and I saw the photos of her in her swim suit. I remember one blogger wrote that she said "you this fat? etc." And the blogger said "you call that hair?" Back then it was funny as hell!

Work on your "how you 'doin'! Sooooo funny! There are youtube clips of children doing it HAHA! I hope you get the Wendy Williams Show on one of your channels!

John said...

@lavonne, Wendy is great! I haven't had a chance to watch the Monique show yet, but I know it must be good, as funny as she is! Ugh, sorry but I can't stand Dr. Phil! Dr. Oz is very annoying too! Don't ask that man a question, or you will have a full fledged powerpoint demonstration! I just want to tell himm to please shut up for just one minute!

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