Friday, December 18, 2009

Rihanna's new video "Hard"

UPDATE: 12/19/09 1:00 A.M. - Sorry to see the video got blocked. I got it from another blog and it is so good and the best quality I've ever seen. The video just premiered Wednesday, and it is such a good video. I used this new player, because all the versions on youTube were not very good. One had a blogname all across the screen and one was so wide screen that it had bigger upper and lower borders than the video itself. I will search YouTube again soon. Sorry if you wanted to see this here and weren't able to watch it.

Here's some of the lyrics (towards the end):
Where dem bloggers at?
Where dem bloggers at?
Where they at? Where they at? Where they at?

This video plays the "clean" version of the song.
In another tab or window, of course, Click here for all the lyrics, including Young Jeezy's rapping.

Turn your speakers up!
Click the play button on the bottom left of the player,
then the up arrow button (to the left of the OS) for full screen.

I love ths song and have a feeling it will be a big hit.
It is already getting heavy airplay.

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Michael Rivers said...

She is so talented. I'll have to play the videos once I'm home from work! Happy Friday!

Larry Ohio said...

Good stuff John!

John said...

@Michael Rivers, Happy Friday to you too, and yes be sure and watch the video! Who knew Rihanna was in the Afghanistan war? Sure looks like it!

@Larry Ohio, Glad you liked! Have a great weekend!

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