Friday, December 18, 2009

Thomson prison: Illinois attorney general rules Gov. Pat Quinn can sell Thomson prison

Thomson prison: Illinois attorney general rules Gov. Pat Quinn can sell Thomson prison --

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You would think most people would say "not in my back yard." But according to CNN, most people in this little town (which is 190 miles north of where I live) are glad to have the Gitmo prisoners housed at the Thomson prison in hopes that it will spur the economy. The thing that bothers me is the lack of an airport in a town of that size (about 550). I really hope they build an airport next to the prison.

Speaking of airports and prisons, I instantly think of that 1997 movie "Con Air," which was not a true story. If you haven't seen it, it is a good movie that won some awards and was nominated for two Oscars. Nicholas Cage stars in this movie.

Anyway, I hope nothing like that movie happens in real life.

When I see such a sign, I think "well, duh!" Why not also have on the sign "lock your car doors!" I have seen these signs like the one above all over the state. (Illinois is full of prisons). I'm sure we'll all be seeing a lot more of these kinds of signs, at least I hope so. But at the same time, I just hate signs.
~ John

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Mary Ellen said...

Oh my gosh...I think I've seen that sign when I go to pick my son up from Illinois State University. I drive down I-55 all the way to Bloomington. Of course, I wouldn't pick up any hitchhikers...I might run over a few, but I'd never pick 'em up afterward. ;-)

I think I'd like to take a pass on having a bunch of terrorists living in Illinois, but hey...after what I see coming in and out of Mayor Daley's office and the Chicago's City Council, these guys can't be much different.

Larry Ohio said...

I love driving past prisons and seeing the hot badboys hanging out, walking around, shooting hoops. And the razor wire is so pretty as it glimmers in the sun.

John said...

@Mary Ellen, You probably have seen a sign like that on your way to Bloomington. Like I said, Illinois is full of prisons! I wouldn't pick up a hitchhiker either. You might run a few over--LOL! Good one!

LMAO, I like your comparison with the Thomson facility and the Chicago governmental offices! Sad, but kinda true.

@Larry Ohio, You have such a way with words! We have a minimum security prison here in town (right on the main drag close to the first exit! But I have never seen anyone outside,except armed guards in the towers! I think you watched too many episodes of "Prison Break" or "Oz!"

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