Thursday, December 24, 2009

More Trees over the years

"A Regal Christmas"
This tree of jewel tones was one of the tallest I ever made. Over time I learned how to extend the height with unusual tree tops. This was one of my favorite trees and had some very expensive ornaments and lights. I designed this tree "fit for a King." The yellowish gold glow at the bottom of the tree was a scroll that I made and lit and it had the lyrics of "We Three Kings." This photo is three pieces together, and I still think I missed some of the top! Ctrl + to enlarge the view--it's worth it!

"Frosted Holiday Extravaganza"
See what I mean about vague themes! It was hard to come up with a good theme, when my main concern was what materials would be used and available. This was one of the last trees I designed. Everything on it was frosted, including Magnolias, ferns, grapes, pears, apples, ivy, etc. Obviously red was the only other color I used. Again, not clickable, but worth enlarging!

Here's a close up of that same tree. It too was huge. I loved the red materials I used, which were some glistening pomegranates, sheer ribbon and I think some Cardinals.

This is a Poinsettia tree about twelve feet tall that I made with live Poinsettias and artificial snow from a fabric store. This I designed for the lobby one year, in addition to a themed tree.

This last tree was also one of my very favorites, but I do not remember the theme! I think the theme had the word 'nature' in it. It was also a towering tree by the addition of the topper. I used a lot of Pheasant feathers, some Pheasant feather covered ornaments, rope, pomegranates, pine cones, Poinsettias, etc. For this tree, I got very creative and made several large swags and placed them throughout the tree. Where ever you see feathers, they were part of a swag. This tree came together very quickly! I wanted this one, but I sure couldn't afford it! Enlarge to see the detail! Ctrl +

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