Monday, December 7, 2009

The verdict is in on the new cds (and other stuff)

When I wrote about so many good cds coming 0ut in one day, I had no idea which one would be my favorite. Until this past weekend's trip to St. Louis, I hadn't really listened to them all! Some of the songs I just sampled, but made sure I played all the new cds listed over the weekend. I know it's not every one's cup of tea (especially with the explicit lyrics), but my favorite new cd is Rihanna's "Rated X." I hadn't expected that outcome! They're all good and worth buying. When I went to buy them, the store was out of Lady GaGa's Fame Monster.

I had been wanting the New Moon soundtrack though, and so I bought it instead, not knowing when I would get Fame Monster. But I ended up getting Lady GaGa's the next day for $8.00 at Walmart--somewhere that I never buy cds from, because they don't sell any with explicit lyrics. I don't like their policy of censoring music. They only sell "clean" versions. Have I mentioned lately that I don't like that store?!

I was actually surprised about Adam Lambert's music. Out of all the cds, I liked his the least. I love the single "For Your Entertainment," which caused all the controversy at the AMA's, but the cd as a whole didn't seem cohesive to me or something. I guess I just don't like all of the songs on it. That happens with a new cd sometimes and the more I play it, the more I will start to enjoy it. We'll see about this one.

I haven't seen New Moon, so I had no idea what the music would be like. But I loved the Twilight Soundtrack, so I figured I would enjoy New Moon's soundtrack. I love it and it is so unlike any of the other cds that I just bought. I could go to sleep listening to it, which is what I did on the way home (half asleep anyway--very relaxed). Of course, I was relaxed after having two delicious glasses of Chianti with dinner. Ron and I had a very special dinner at Charlie Gitto's to celebrate 23 years together! That is almost half of my life time! Since our anniversary was on a Monday (November 23rd), we had to wait for a weekend and after black Friday to have a nice dinner out. It was a fabulous Saturday night! After our meal we gambled at Harrah's until the wee hours of the morning. Anyway, back to the music...

And no, I still haven't bought the Susan Boyle cd, but I will eventually. I was wondering why in the world didn't she put out a Christmas cd? Each year I like to buy ONE new Christmas cd and one by her would have been perfect. I'm thinking Andrea Bocelli's Christmas cd. What do you think? Any other good new Christmas cds this year? I already have dozens of Christmas cds--some old (The Carpenters), some new (Josh Groban), some fun (RuPaul's Ho Ho Ho), and lots of traditional and popular Christmas music. If you tend to get the blues in December (and I do sometimes...I miss my grandkids), then I highly recommend RuPaul's Ho Ho Ho. It will surely put a smile on your face! Thank you, RuPaul for putting out this fun Christmas cd that I wear out each year!

If you're interested in the RuPaul cd, only a few tracks are on youtube and only a few are on myspace, and I didn't have a chance to check yahoo music! That means you need to buy it! You can probably sample it on itunes or amazon. You can hear four of the tracks right here on this her myspace music page. Track # 3 "All I want for Christmas" is sooooo funny, especially the very end when RuPaul asks Michelle about her favorite Christmas memories. RuPaul laughs uncontrollably and that alone is hysterical! Check it out, if you get time!

I know it sounds like a shopping binge and splurge, but I have been so good this year about not charging hardly anything to plastic, not wasting money on unnecessary or expensive items, so why not get something relatively inexpensive that I love so much? I mean, I love music. It is in my blood and always has been. I think that comes from being a band student all through school. The trumpet and later French Horn were my instruments. And I was a very good trumpet player! I can still play it too! Oh yeah, I had a 10% off coupon, plus every cd was on sale, so I think I did good!

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Michael Rivers said...

I love buying Christmas cds. I add a few to my collection each year. Susan should do a CD. I bet it would be beautiful!

plainolebob said...

John, man I am so glad you are here,hell, since the kids are all gone, if I didn't check out your blog, I probably would never have contact with some of this.
Thanks and Happy Holidays

John said...

@Michael Rivers, I bet a Susan Boyle Christmas CD would be beautiful too!

@plainolebob, you're welcome and glad I can keep you up on the happening music scene!

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