Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sticker Story Essay by a 3rd Grader

Please tell your children that spelling is important,
even for third graders!

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Mary Ellen said...

John, you had me laughing so hard with this post that I started to cry. Thank you!

I'm sending this to my granddaughter loves hores, er...horses, too.

Mary Ellen said...

I sent this to my daughter, who happens to have a daughter who is in 3rd grade and loves horses. This was her response...

LOL!! I never learned so much about hores.

btw- the word verification for this comment was "hyper". How did Blogger know I'm always hyper? :-D

Anonymous said...

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KKprettygirl said...

hi my names kelsey and my little third grade self wrote this. if you could please tell me how you got this image that'd be great

Unknown said...

What school did you go to

Jeremy Meyer said...

Hores make ya feel good- I laughed my heart out

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