Friday, March 6, 2009

As if you needed a reason not to watch American Idol

It was bad enough that Fox was blighted at least three nights this week with Idol. After all, it's not the Olympics! Obviously Fox does not have enough programs to fill a weekly schedule.

As Simon Cowell might say, it is "excruciating" or "positively awful." I'm not talking about the performances, I'm talking about the commentary by four judges, plus the host! The bantering back and forth between Cowell and Ryan Seacrest is getting old! As for the performances, all I can say is "owwww my ears!" And is there any real talent this year (besides Lil Rounds)? Please let this program hurry up and be over!

But that's not all folks! The LA Times says Michael Jackson will play a big part of the first week! Eeeeek! I hardly think I am alone in saying this is a mistake! The baby dangling and the Jesus Juice is still fresh in people's minds, not to mention the salacious accusations and criminal trials and tribulations. Even with no conviction, Jackson's reputation is beyond tarnished.

The LA Times has confirmed that the first week of "American Idol's" final rounds will be devoted to the songbook of the self-proclaimed King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

The controversial performer has been in the news lately, announcing a series of concerts that he has labeled the last of his career.

The Jacko songbook will be taken on by Idol's newly minted Top 13, the last of whom were named last night in the Wild Card show.

No word yet on which contestant has claimed "Beat It" and who will try to top David Cook's star-making turn on "Billie Jean" last year. However, we can only pray the group number will not look like this.

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HalfCrazy said...

Eh? I don't understand why the writer of this article says that Lil Rounds is the only one with talent! To be honest, the contenders for this season were absolutely great compared to last season's winner, David Cook! Okay, sorry if he's your American Idol LOL. :P

Haven't been watching the show for a while now but I'm glad Adam Lambert made it into the Top 13! I love him.

A week entirely dedicated to MJ's songs? I don't mind! I don't really like MJ but I dig his beats.

Much Love,

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