Thursday, March 19, 2009

Plinky is here!

If you've ever read Blogger Buzz on your Blogger Dashboard, you may have noticed the March 3rd post about Plinky. If you haven't noticed it, you might want to check it out. In my previous two posts, you will see what a sample Plinky shared answer looks like on Blogger. Those posts were made at Plinky and "shared" to this blog with a single click!

The fact that there are tens of thousands of results for "blogger's block" suggests that more than a few of you have struggled to think of what to say on your blog at one time or another. If that sounds like you, you might want to take a look at Plinky. Basically, you just answer a question and it's easy to tell Plinky that you use Blogger and all your answers posted through Plinky can go right to your blog. I will probably share something from Plinky nearly everyday. Hopefully my blog will be a little more interesting! It's definitely going to be more personal. I hope you like! Don't worry, I will still continue to blog the way I have been doing--a little bit of this and a little bit of get the picture.

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HalfCrazy said...

By the way, about your previous post, the Reno 911, before you bring more movies to your Mom, you should check out and see if the movie contains graphical sex scenes or nudity. I always check it out whenever I watch movies and I know my Mom and my brother will be around. Plus, you should avoid those 'unrated and uncut' movies if you're not gonna watch 'em by yourself. LOL they are dangerous!

Around since March 3? LOL I wouldn't know if you didn't give a heads-up! So thanks. I don't even see people using it! LOL. I'm gonna try to use it one of these days!

John said...

Thanks HalfCrazy, I will definitely start looking at! Oh and about that Reno911!Miami..."unrated" I don't think my copy is unrated or uncut or not (that would defintely be a heads up!)...the picture of the movie dvd in that post was also generated by Plinky! It will search for a picture and give you choices!

They do have a different question of the day, but you can answer any that you want, from about 300, and you get to choose whether or not you want to "share" each one (to blogger, facebook, etc). And of course, you can still edit the plinky post from within blogger, like your other posts.

Plinky is really another whole social networking community of it's own!

I can see myself writing longer more interesting posts from plinky...some people call those short posts like I did below "microblogging," but it doesn't have to be. Those were just my first trys...didn't know if the "question" would show up, etc. So, it was like a test post.

I've never seen anyone use Plinky either; I don't know why.

themom said...

AHA it was you...that abandoned ship. Welcome back - but I am a very forgiving person. Now, I shal check out "Plinky!" Heaven knows...I am brain dead sometimes, and get tired of blogging about the same old, same old. I'm old, but I still like to have some uniqueness. :) Thanks for the nice comments.

John said...

@themom...Plinky is great! I think you'll like it, at least occasionally. Thanks for stopping by.

HalfCrazy said...

Whoa, Plinky does that?! No wonder they have "Hey, didn't you use to have a blog?" it's like they do the job, no need for you to search some images related to it. That's cool!

Not a lot of people check out Blogger Buzz, I guess! I mean, I learned it from you! I'll probably spread the word. I saw the Plinky questions and they're interesting, not the questions I would think of!

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