Saturday, March 7, 2009

He Rips People Off and Has A TV Show!

It's past time for us to tell HIM, "You're Fired!"

Show your disgust for this (click title link for the article) by not watching his television show.

Even though the winner's money goes to charity, the star of the show will still make money.

If you have a dvr or Tivo, please search for the program and press your red thumbs down button three times, so that it will never get recorded.

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HalfCrazy said...

Good thing I'm not even interested in this man! Lol!

John said...

Don't be surprised, when he comes to Manila to build one of his famous towers!

Mary Ellen said...

I've never had any respect for the guy. Of course he'll get away with it because he has the high-powered lawyers to keep him out of jail. Although...those who signed the contract that gave the company permission to spend their down payments should have been smart enough to have a real estate lawyer read through the contract which would have sent up immediate red flags. Of course, I never trust anyone who is rich...most of them didn't get that way by playing nice.

HalfCrazy said...

What, what? Famous towers? What for? LOL. Well, actually, whenever I go to the Bookstore, I always see his book, "Why we want you to get rich." seriously, I see it every time I shop for books!

Ms. Mary Ellen is right. Of course the guy is rich, he can probably get away from this issue.

John said...

@Half Crazy...he builds luxurious high rise condos/resort hotels...he has built them in more places than most people realize, like Chicago, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Tampa, and the one in Mexico mentioned in the article, and I don't know how many others.

Yes his latest book is still very visible at all the book stores. I have his first one and used to admire him, until his famous feud with Rosie O'donnell...he called her a fat slob, a pig, and other stuff.

ok, I'm done discussing him, LOL.

libhom said...

I hate him. I've always fantasized about firing his ass on nationwide TV.

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