Thursday, March 5, 2009

Chris Brown--oh yes he did.

US R&B singer Chris Brown is seen during his arraignment at a Los Angeles court, California, USA, 05 March 2009, on two felony charges of assault stemming from what a police detective described as a brutal argument between the singer and his girlfriend, Rihanna. Brown, 19 was free on 50,000 US dollars (39,800 euro) bail. The complaint handed down in court identified Brown's alleged victim only as 'Robyn F.' Rihanna's real name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty. The assault happened early on 08 February 2009 after a pre-Grammy Awards party. EPA/BOB CHAMBERLIN Read more: "Rihanna stands by her man" -
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Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

She is an idiot for wanting him back. I hope someone does an intervention on her.

Mary Ellen said...

I can never understand women who allow themselves to be abused, but I've seen it often enough from personal friends. It's as if they just can't accept that they are the victims, they are always made to feel as if the beatings and verbal abuse are their fault. That asshole should be locked up and used as a nice little wife for his cell mate. Let him know how it feels to be abused.

She's doing him no favors by enabling him with his abusive behavior. She needs help as much as he does.

John said...

Don't even get me started! I couldn't agree more with your comments! I have so much to add, but don't know if I could stop!

I don't consider myself an expert, but I was on staff at the Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence for many years and a volunteer and board member for our local Crisis Center. I completed the required 40 hour domestic violence advocate training and have a drawer full of certicates from trainings I attended or help conduct.

Nothing angers me more than domestic violence! Just as people never know what goes on behind closed doors (the abuse), now we don't know what is going on with Rhianna. Dr. Monkey said it best; she definitely needs an intervention, but on a grand scale. I hope she comes to her senses, but unfortunately I have seen so many worse cases...many that end in near death, and the victim still returns to the abuser.

Unless Brown gets extensive abuser treatment--not just anger management, he will never change. Chris witnessed domestic violence throughout his upbringing, and for him it is a learned behavior that is very difficult to overcome, but not impossible.

This couple is caught up in the cycle of domestic violence, which seems to be "the honeymoon phase" right now. Mark my words though, the anger will eventually build back up, turn to violence, and then an attack. Each violent incident will intensify and could lead to death.

There is something in that relationship that is keeping her there. Obviously he is not physically abusive to her all the time, but SHE needs extensive counseling to learn that she is a victim in so many ways. Domestic Violence is not just about physical beatings...there are many types of abuse. She needs both individual and group counseling and EMPOWERMENT.

She will only receive the strength and knowledge that she needs to free herself from a life of abuse by going to a domestic violence program (shelter or non-residential program). I hope she does.

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