Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Adventures at Walmart

Earlier tonight my other half says he's going to Walmart for a few groceries, since it's the closest store, "be right back," he said.
When he got home a couple hours later, I never even noticed how long he'd been gone. Then he tells me this hilarious story. I was gulping down a bottle of water and burst out laughing, then ended up coughing and choking. Don't you hate it, when somebody makes you laugh while you are trying to swallow a drink!
While shopping, he hears over the intercom "Code Adam, Code Adam!" He started looking around, wondering what the heck was going on. Then he heard over the intercom "young boy in orange coat." So, he figures a child is separated from his Mommy. But, evidently something more was going on and panic spread through the giant cold cinder block warehouse store. They were treating it as a kidnapping!
Usually you just see a few clerks, and I do mean a few, stocking shelves. All of a sudden managers wearing headsets came crawling out of the woodwork or the stock rooms, break room, or wherever they are usually hiding. Now he's ready to check out and notices the hillbilly clerks springing into action, bolting and locking the doors! One Walmart associate was heard saying "do you know the correct procedures?" And the other one said, "get the manual."
He works his way towards the exits and a crowd has already gathered. All these customers couldn't get out and a crowd had gathered in the vestibule, beating on the doors trying to get in. People were simultaneously either talking on their cell phones or taking pictures of the mass chaos. I wish I had a picture!
An angry loud woman asked the genius in charge, "if we don't have a kid, why can't we leave.? I don't have one in my pocket!" The associate then turned to one of the managers and asked him, "can they leave, if they don't have a child?" And he said, "I don't know!" This was definitely a manager, because he had on a wrinkled white shirt, an old pair of tight fitting high water black polyester pants, and he had a headset on-- yes, a headset, not a blue tooth, and not a walkie-talkie, a headset!
Customers got angrier and angrier, demanding to leave the store. Maybe they didn't want to be seen in there! That's why I go late at night, but usually that doesn't even work...I always run in to someone I know. Anyway, back to the story... one lady said she had to leave, because she had food on the stove cooking at home. Another lady announced that she too had to leave, and she had clothes in the dryer! I wonder how many were thinking to themselves that they had to get home, because they left their child alone!
In the midst of all the chaos not one policeman had arrived! Not wanting to lose a sale, the management decides to let the customers in and then finally decided that customers without a child could now leave, but those with children were not allowed to leave the store! My friend said he thought he had been in the twilight zone.
I couldn't help but laugh, and I hope the boy is found safe and sound. If he is anything like my daughter was, then you will find him hiding in the middle of a round rack of clothes. She used to do that to me all the time!

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Mary Ellen said...

Wow...being locked in a Walmart Store, my worst nightmare!

I would imagine that since there was no announcement on the news about a missing child taken from Walmart, they found him. Surely a scary thing for a parent.

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