Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Open Mouth Insert Foot

Today on the CBS Early Show Biden forgot the name of the web site accounting for the stimulus package and how the money is spent. When asked if he knew the website, he responded, "You know, I'm embarrassed, do you know the website number?"

I know, I know! It's 1-800-dumb-ass.

Dr. Jill Biden must be so proud of him! I thought he was a smart guy! Has this guy ever even been on the internet? It seems like every time he opens his mouth, it's an embarrassment for the Obama administration.

Maybe VP Biden should have checked with former VP Al Gore first. After all, Gore once claimed on tv to have invented the internet.

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HalfCrazy said...

Dude. This is the 21st century, connect to the internet will ya! :P

I felt like saying that to him but that would be so mean of me LOL. I remember, back in Grade School, I actually have no idea how to close Microsoft Word. I asked my classmate beside me and she ignored me. Her face was like, "Dumbass." and I felt stupid and embarrassed. Little did she know that years later, I would dream of investing my life to computers and technology. But that never happened as Math got in the way. I learned a lot of things about computers that some people may not know about anyway so it's still all good!

Much Love,

Mary Ellen said...


This is his brain on booze. Biden is such a schmuck!

libhom said...

Older people forget things sometimes. It's part of life.

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