Sunday, February 22, 2009

You can find her up in heaven

My daily paper also has some outrageous articles in it sometimes. I'll probably be making more future blog posts occasionally of crap that ends up in print. I cut out this letter to the editor in December, but wanted to wait awhile to post it. Surely the editor would print an apology by now. But since he didn't, I decided to post this. The deceased person's name has been marked out to give the family a little privacy. The letter is both sad, but unintentionally funny in the end.

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Mary Ellen said...

Oh man, what a shock for her friends and family. I hope the paper wrote a retraction and an apology to the family...maybe a little story about how she did turn her life around before she passed away. That's sad.

John said...

No, the paper never wrote a retraction or apology!

This got to me, because the lady was very nice and a customer at our business. Her family had us do the casket spray flowers.

Plus the stupid paper just fired a friend of mine, who worked most of her life there! They treated her so unfairly, and set her up...let her temporarily work part time, then fired her because "her productivity was down." Well, duh! I would assume it was down like 50%...doesn't take a rocket scientist. She worked in classifieds...will be missed too.

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