Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Didn't Daschle learn anything from Leona Helmsley?

When she famously said, "only the little people pay taxes," guess what? WRONG! Even though he hustled to write his overdue checks, it was a little too late. Obama admitted, "I fucked screwed up."

Obama's nominee to be Health and Human Services secretary thought he would be able to get past his tax problems, but the national political climate changed.

The withdrawal of Tom Daschle's nomination Tuesday as secretary of Health and Human Services reflected public outrage White House recognition that his tax problems were igniting anger over an apparent double standard: that Washington insiders could be careless about their taxes while ordinary Americans had to sacrifice.

Blah, Blah, Blah...click the title link for the full (and actual) LA Times article.

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Mary Ellen said...

Oh yeah...Obama is bringin' on that change in Washington, eh? The new Washington motto: "Paying taxes is for losers."

I knew Daschle was in BIG trouble when he came out of that meeting and he was surrounded by Democrat Senators, looking as if they were mama ducks protecting their little chick from the big bad wolf. The only time they do that is when they try to dupe the media into thinking that this guy has all the votes he needs. It's a sham, just like this new administration.

If I recall, there's a quote out there somewhere from Daschle about how anyone who doesn't pay their taxes should be hit with the highest penalty, no matter who they are. Of course, as he was saying this...he wasn't paying his taxes. No hypocrisy there,eh?

Mary Ellen said...

Here's a YouTube of Daschle talking about tax cheaters. Oh my, the hypocrisy!

Tax Cheaters!

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