Wednesday, February 4, 2009

California Supreme Court to hear gay marriage cases on March 5

The California Supreme Court will hear the legal showdown over gay marriage on March 5, ensuring a decision on the future of same-sex nuptials across the state will arrive before summer.

In a statement released Tuesday, the high court set three hours of arguments for its calendar in San Francisco, setting the stage for the justices to consider a series of legal challenges to voter-approved Proposition 8. Civil rights groups and a number of cities and counties, led by San Francisco and Santa Clara County, sued after the November election, arguing that the ballot initiative is invalid and should be struck down.

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Mary Ellen said...

Ok...first an off topic comment.


I can't catch up with all the posts you wrote! (Ok...I'm jealous, I love all of them and I haven't been doing my job at my blog).

Now...regarding this post.

I am really fascinated to see what happens to this with the Supreme Court. After seeing the gay community take two steps forward only to be knocked three steps back, I'm hoping they will finally get this resolved and be able to have the same rights as everyone else in this country. I have no doubt, they will not be supported by our President who will use the excuse that he's too busy with other, more important things. Besides, he's already said that he's against same sex marriage.

Mary Ellen said...

Ok, this part of the news story kills me...

Russ Feingold of Wisconsin protested "the apparent behind-the-scenes deal-making" to fill Gregg's Senate seat. Feingold advocates a constitutional amendment to end appointments by governors, citing recent controversies over filling the Senate seats vacated by Obama in Illinois and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton in New York.

It seems that Russ Feingold didn't care about the "behind the scenes deal making" with the DNC when they took Hillary's designated delegates from Michigan and gave them to Obama along with other delegates that he didn't earn. I guess that kind of behind the scenes deal making was ok. What a hypocrite!

The part about Obama's presidency that I'm enjoying the most is reading the excuses his supporters are making for him. Obama is doing exactly what I said he would do...go back on everything he promised but try to make them believe that he never really promised it in the beginning.

In this case, he campaigned on getting those jobs that were shipped overseas back in the United States...close all the loopholes in the policies, blah blah. Then he goes and hires a guy who helped implement and supported all those policies. Obama will just tell his supporters, "I TOLD you that I was going to put some Republicans in my, blah blah blah.

John said...

blog speed LOL ....too much caffeine, I guess. I am going to be so busy next week at work, I know I won't be able to blog much then.

thanks for all your comments,

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