Thursday, February 12, 2009


This is the Valentine I received last year, one of my favorite's ever--short and sweet. I don't keep every single greeting card, but some I will keep forever or as long as I can. And no you can't see the inside LOL. I will tell you that it had a nice bonu$ enclosed though! Nothing says "I Love You" like cash...well for me anyway, I can't have sweets, sure don't want roses, and am always too exhausted to go out for a romantic dinner. Despite the fact that this is our 22nd Valentine's Day together, we don't have the same civil right as our straight friends to legally marry in this state. Does that seem fair to you? It doesn't to me!

I remember our first Valentine's Day, we did go out to dinner, I got a box of chocolates and flowers. We don't have to do that every year. We don't get to enjoy our holidays as much, since we work in a holiday industry. Don't forget your special Valentine! If nothing else, a card will do, just to show that you care. Happy Valentine's Day!

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Mary Ellen said...

I decided this year that I'm going to make a card for my husband this year. I'm a pretty good artist (something I rarely tell anyone so keep it mum!) and I think it will mean more to him than a store bought card. Besides...I hate the thought of buying my husband stuff with his money, even if it's just the small price of a card.

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