Saturday, February 21, 2009

HughesNet Sucks

My internet service is through HughesNet. I only subscribe to this service, because I am two miles from town and neither cable or DSL is available this far out. I have tried dial up and a local wireless service, and both of them were slow as a turtle. Am I happy with HughesNet? Hell, no! I wish it were as great as they make it sound, but believe me, if you have another source for high speed internet; take it! Beware of HughesNet and their phony high speed claims!
I don't know if it is the wind, or clouds or what, but instead of getting a page to load, I am almost daily getting this message several times a day:
Web Acceleration Client Error (506) - Suspected Recent Satellite Link Outage

The satellite link was operating properly up until the most recent web page request, but the last request could not be successfully sent across the satellite link to the Web Acceleration Server. Possible causes for this include recent changes in weather conditions or equipment problems in the Network Operations Center. Trying again at a later time may result in restored service due to either improvements in the weather conditions causing the service outage or rectification of a network problem in the Network Operations Center. If this problem persists, please contact your service provider for additional assistance.
Usually I just need to refresh, but even that is ridiculous for this expensive service!

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Mary Ellen said...

That really sucks. I don't know how any business could get away with charging their customers for bad service, but they do. I have WOW (Wide Open West) and they're pretty good. I rarely have outages and when lightning struck our property and the cable was fried, they were out the next day fixing it and amazingly nice on the phone when I reported it.

John said...

And it only costs $89.00 a month! They offer two speeds, we supposedly have the fast one. I have called and complained about the slow speed, and all I get are people that can't speak English and keep reading the same script over and over. I guess it's a trade off for living peacefully out of the city.

R J said...

Well I have satellite internet service and it works great. You should look into Hughes Net. I signed up with them through a company called Infodish ( haven't had any problems. I love it. I never lose connection, and everything from surfing to downloads is always fast, even during so called "peak hours". I heard for it to work correctly though, your satellite needs to have an unobstructed view of the sky. You should really check them out.

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