Saturday, February 14, 2009

Local Banks Closed by Regulators

This was on the front page of our daily paper today.

The left column had the bad news-- the linked article about the failed bank, two actually. The Pittsfield bank had a branch here in town (Jacksonville). We first heard about it on CNN! The bank--Corn Belt Bank & Trust Co. was the newest little bank in town.
The right column had the good news: "Love conquers all. Apparently, even economic fears. Jacksonville florists (5 shops) report sales are blooming this Valentine's Day. If they want to give flowers, money is no object for guys..."
It's true. We all had brisk sales all week long, just like every year for Valentine's Day. We sure needed it, after the last holiday, Christmas. Customers just did not spend in December as they have in previous years, so we didn't know what to expect for Valentine's Day. Usually Valentine's Day is the busiest day of the year for most florists, but this year the 13th was the busiest, since most people have Saturday off from work. A lot of guys have flowers delivered to their sweetheart's work place, just so her co-workers will be envious can see that someone loves them. Whatever the reason, business deliveries are much easier than home deliveries, so we're happy to have so many.
I'm just glad it's over! Thanks to Red Bull, I made it through another Valentine's Day!

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