Sunday, February 22, 2009

I wore these pink tights and people still didn't know

Oh the a tween I would spend weekends with two of my favorite cousins, Wendy and David. We all loved music and would spend many hours singing and dancing like fools. Wendy was the oldest and had all the pop albums, and she absolutely loved the Bay City Rollers. She especially had a crush on Les McKeown, pictured above. We mostly played and sang along to their big hit "S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night." Wendy also had the hots for Queen's (gay, but closeted back then) Freddie Mercury. If only she knew back then what is known today! It was such a taboo to be gay back then that her christian mother probably wouldn't have allowed us to play albums like these. I guess for the same reason, that's why these singers remained in the closet.

In all fairness to Wendy, whom I love dearly; she didn't just have the hots for closeted gay guys. And even if she had, I wouldn't have a problem with it. Wendy loved all those guys back then that appeared in Tiger Beat--her favorite magazine at that time.

So it's just came out recently that pop singer Les McKeown, 53, has been living a secret gay life for the past 30 years. According to reports, the lead singer for the ''70s pop sensation the Bay City Rollers has admitted it in front of cameras for a TV documentary.

(Click the title link, if you want to read the story).

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Mary Ellen said...

I remember when my kids were in Jr. High and high school they thought it was funny that I LOVED and still do) to listen to music by Queen. I have every one of their albums on my IPod. I'm also a big Weezer fan, which my kids also think is very strange for someone my age. It's funny how kids always think that when you get older, you can't adjust to new music.

I can't imagine anyone who didn't realize Freddie was gay, didn't he openly discuss this back in the early 70's?

John said...

I just saw a documentary recently about Freddie Mercury (on Logo Channel)...he was very much in the closet, when it came to publicity...he would not discuss (dead give away)!

libhom said...

I remember how the preteen girls my age lusted after him. Ironically, he didn't do a thing for me.

travelingman said...

LOL...I had black boots just like the ones in the picture...please don't tell anyone.

Mary Ellen said...

I think I had pink tights like those....when I was 4 years old.

I Wonder Wye said...

When I was 11, my BF and I called ourselves the 'Gogo Girls of River Valley' (our neighborhood) and we put on elaborate dance numbers in her family basement to the music of The Beatles...then we continued our fantasy of double-dating John Lennon (my guy) and Paul McCartney (hers)...occasionally John and I would 'break up' so I could go out with George Harrison though....!

John said...

@Wonder Wye, that sounds so fun and reminds me of the days when my cousin Laurie and I were upstairs singing and dancing to Donny & Marie LOL! She did the "I'm a little bit countr'y, and I did the 'I'm a little bit rock and roll..." Of course we watched the tv show too and learned the dance moves to it!

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