Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscar Buzz

I love the Hindi song "Jai Ho," by A. R. Rahman and was happy to see it win for the best song in a motion picture. Thank you to diluthedon at YouTube for posting the video.

I wasn't going to make a blog post about the Oscars, since there are already so many great ones out there. I found my favorite review over at Monkey Muck, one of my favorite blogs. So please visit his great blog post "Suck It Lou Dobbs," which is actually his thoughts on the Oscars.

I must say, I agree with him on all of his commentary, and I left a lengthy comment there. So, if you want my thoughts on the Oscars, check under the comments over there. The only thing I forgot to add was that I did not like the choppy movie footage that was cut in and out of the clips for the Best Motion Picture nominees!

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HalfCrazy said...

Dude, I'm really glad this song won too! And I can't wait for the Pussycat Dolls to do this song. AR Rahman has arranged a deal with them about that. I heard it almost a week ago and it was better, IMO.

Anyway, I'm very glad Slumdog Millionaire took home 8 Oscars! I really hope to see the rest of the cast in other films, hope their career flourishes, especially the kids who played Latika and Jamal!

I checked out your comment on Monkey muck's page and really, you have to watch Vicky Cristina Barcelona! It's twisted but very good, especially Penelope Cruz!

Much Love,

Mary Ellen said...

I put a review on my blog after seeing Slumdog last week. It was a great movie and I'm glad the song, Jai Ho, won best song. I mentioned to stick around for the final dance scene which was played at the end wit the credits. A lot of people had started to leave the theater before it started. It was great...and so well done.

The movie was amazing, and if you didn't see it, I suggest you see it in the theater instead of on DVD. I think it would have a bigger impact because the scenery of India was amazing. Sometimes the cinematography is better on the big screen and this is one of those movies. When he on the show, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, it's bigger than life on the big screen and it makes you feel like you are sitting in the hot seat with him.

Regarding the Oscars...I didn't watch the whole thing, just the last half hour. I was so happy to see the constant barrage of Slumdog winners but I was equally glad that Sean Penn won Best Actor. I can't stand Brad Pitt so I was happy he lost.

John said...

Half Crazy- TY for the heads up on the Pussycat Dolls song! Wow, did not know that..must have it!

Mary Ellen, embarrassed that I haven't seen Slumdog Mill. yet, but I will. I have a $5.00 discount card for Kerasotas Theaters and all of Springfield's cinemas are owned by Kerasotas! You may have a Kerasotas theater near you (?) Anyway it's a free card, you get on their website and you can get in for $5 to all movies that have been shown for 2 weeks or more! And they email you each week to tell you what movies qualify...I've heard there's still big crowds seeing Milk & Slumdog M.

Anyway, hope I don't put it off until it's gone from the theater, TY for the suggestion of seeing it there than on dvd...will do!

I'm glad Sean Penn is Best Actor too. What's wrong with Brad Pitt? Oh yeah, can't act/not very good...and he was only in 1/3 of Benj.B.! I've heard for months how Mickey Rourke would win, so I believed it...must've been a tough choice for the voters.

HalfCrazy said...

I think the main reason why we love Jai Ho is because it's so fresh! Bollywood music fused with rock and other stuff? Gold.

@Mary Ellen - I can't stand Brad Pitt too, I don't think he is THAT good like a lot of people claim him to be! Angelina Jolie is better than him lol. I know it's not fair to compare them but still!

I thought Mickey Rourke would get it too.

Mary Ellen said...

Half Crazy- If you haven't had the chance to see it! It's on DVD now. I can tell you, I had nightmares about that movie for weeks after I saw it.

John: I heard about that card but didn't realize you can get it for free! The theater we always go to is a Kerasotas Theater and it's only about five minutes from my house. Really, on a nice day I could walk there. There are a lot of restaurants around there, too, so it makes for a nice evening.

I'll get one of those cards, it will come in handy, thanks for the info!

John said...

I have tried twice from home, and twice from work to post comments on your blog...for some reason the word verification doesn't load anything, so I am unable to leave comments! What do you think is wrong?

John said...

Mary Ellen, thanks, I will add Changling to my list of must see movies! That's one reason I watch the Oscars!

That's how I found out about "The Counterfeiters" last year (foreign film). Subtitled but worth watching & reading.

HalfCrazy said...

@Mary Ellen - I already have Changeling but I don't have the time to watch it. Nightmares? Wait, it isn't horror, right? right?! Hahaha, I don't watch horror films. I'm a scaredy-cat.

@John - AHA! So that's why I didn't receive much comments yesterday! I got rid of the stupid word verification thing as I encountered the problem too, along with other users! Sorry for the inconvenience? lol

I have The Counterfeiters too but again, don't have the time to watch it. I think I have a lot of golden movies in my HD lol. Still waiting for The Reader, though..

Much Love,

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Thanks for the link and for directing folks to my blog.

John said...

Dr. Monkey, you are most welcome! Glad to do it. I didn't mean to leave such a long comment, so it's the least I could do!

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