Friday, February 20, 2009

Burris Pressured to Resign

Unlike many bloggers, who posted these pictures of the living recently appointed Illinois Senator Roland Burris's pre-carved mausoleum, I have held off....until now! Why?

Well for one, now seems like a good time, since it fits into the theme of some of my latest posts about famous tombs (Abraham Lincoln).

As if you needed another reason, how about just to poke fun at our great state's illustrious joke of a senator.

Please accept my apologies, if you have seen these pictures on numerous blogs already! If you haven't seen them by now, it's time!

It's just so over the top, but yet obviously very serious for the Burris family (whatever).

It Seems somewhat weird, if you ask me!

Just look at all his accomplishments in the above photo that he has engraved already, and pay special attention to the blank area purposely left for "future" accomplishments... such as (appointed) senator.

The photo above is from Daughter Number Three's blog , where we now see "First African-American in Illinois to become a U.S. senator appointed by a governor, who should have resigned--2009."

It seems as though Senator Burris's memory has gotten better, since he was notified that he may have been recorded on Blagojevich's wiretapped phone calls.

And so he is being pressured to resign. Yes, our Illinois Senator Roland Burris is being pressured to resign, after revelations that he tried to raise money for the disgraced governor who appointed him.

Burris testified in January that he hadn’t had contact with key staffers for then-Governor Rod Blagojevich or offered anything in return for the Senate seat vacated by President Barack Obama.

He now acknowledges, however, that he was asked to raise money for Blagojevich and tried, unsuccessfully, to do so.

Illinois Governor Quinn and several black Chicago ministers, who previously supported him are asking for his resignation.

Even White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs in what sounded like a veiled threat, called on Sen. Roland Burris to "take some time over the weekend" to explain once and for all exactly what happened before his appointment to the Senate and to consider "his future."

What do I think Burris will/should do? Well, obviously he should resign, but I think he will sit tight. He is not budging! He wanted this job, and he got it, damnit! And after all, this is Illinois; do we really expect to find a new honest appointee?! And why even bother? He only has this seat until next year, so I say, let him have it. There is absolutely no need for a costly special election. That would only waste a lot of time and money. We in Illinois should just take our lumps and accept the cards as they have been dealt.

Let Burris have his fifteen minutes of fame. It's not worth fighting over. Let's just chill and move on. Next year we will have the opportunity to elect our junior senator and not have to worry about some corrupt governor appointing him or her.

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travelingman said...

Laugh out loud funny...I had not seen these photos. Bad blogger....I guess. How pathetic.

Mary Ellen said...

Here ya go, John. Have you seen this cartoon in the Tribune? Go to cartoon number 5, with Burris and his tombstone.

John said...

Thanks Mary Ellen! That was LOL funny! I wouldn't be surprised if that actually does happen!

John said...

Hey time you're in Chicago, be sure and go visit the infamous Burris Monument!

By the way, his children are named on the monument: ROLANDA and Roland II.

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