Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Angelfood cupcake

Doesn't this look delicious? Mmmm, wouldn't you just love one of these with your coffee? How about some fresh strawberries with this tasty treat? This was in a Walmart bakery package of six.

I tend to avoid processed foods like this, and when my partner came home with these treats I didn't give it much thought. I knew I wouldn't be tempted to eat it, and after about a month I noticed there was still one left. It still looked fresh and had been sitting on the counter wrapped in saran wrap.

That was in March. At that point I asked him if he was going to throw it out or was it a science project. I just took these pictures the other day. In the first picture I removed the saran wrap to show how fresh it still looks. I wrapped it back up in the clear saran wrap for the second picture and put it back on the counter.

I don't know why it was never thrown out, but now it has indeed turned into a science project. How long until it starts to mold? Why hasn't it changed at all yet? Is it full of preservatives? How long until somebody unknowingly picks it up and takes a bite? Will they get sick?

Have you ever wanted to get even with people that eat your food at work ? Hmmm...maybe there is a use for it yet. For now, I'm leaving it sit there on my counter as a reminder to eat healthier foods

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Larry Ohio said...

I don't care how many years you wait, it will never have mold. If it came from Walmart then you should know it cannot support life.

Michael Rivers said...

Wow. That is scary. Please keep us posted with monthly updates. haha. Just WHAT is in that thing?!

Mary Ellen said...

I'll never eat angel food cake again (unless it's homemade). Ugh.

I wonder if they use the same ingredients for Twinkies, they never get moldy either. I think I ate one that was made back in 1987 the other day.

John said...

@Larry, I believe you!

@Michael Rivers, I wonder if melamine is in it? I told Ron that it is probably still in his stomach just as it was the day he ate it...never to be digested!

Seriously, I thought the main ingredient in angelfood was egg whites.

@Mary Ellen, LOL I USED to eat twinkies too, but not in many years! I used to love angel food cake too. I'm glad I never ate one of these angelfood cupcakes!

Beware of them, if you see them in the stores!

Kyle said...

As unnatural as that cake looks after all this time, it somehow seems logical that it hasn't changed, knowing it was purchased from a Walmart bakery. John, be afraid, be very afraid.

John said...

Kyle, it looks the same as it did the day Ron bought them LOL. BTW, it wasn't baked in the local store, as a matter of fact most of those Walmart bakery items are not actually baked in the local stores!

Be very afraid LOL danger, danger!

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