Thursday, August 13, 2009

Illinois State Fair starts today

Here's a photo flashback--a picture that I took in 1979 of the thirty foot tall statue of a young Abe Lincoln near the main gate at the Illinois State Fair. As far as I know, it is still there. I have been going to the fair ever since I was a kid though and not much has changed since that time. I have a lot of good memories from the state fair. But since I don't live in Springfield anymore I don't go as often. There is so much to see and do and eat at the state fair, and I highly recommend at least one visit during the ten day event.

The Butter Cow is always a favorite and long time tradition. This year it is very different!

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Allen said...

John, can you pass the butter. hehe, wow, I have never seen anything like that. That is really cool.

ReRe said...

that statue is scary!!!!

John said...

@Allen, I never expected such a funny comment! Illinois really does have one of the best state fairs in the nation. If you ever get a chance, go!

@ReRe, yes it is! I googled it to see the height and somcebody described it as scary too, and he looked like an ax murderer! Now off to your blog to read my favorite weekly blog post "Re-Ramblings Friday Potluck!"

Howard said...

If I remember correctly, the grounds there were beautiful. I used to have to travel there every year for work-related things. It was always Labor Day weekend, and the heat was killer!

themom said...

I can't imagine working with butter in such a way...but I do know it happens. I haven't been to a state fair (any) in years. I do remember they were fun.

Jim said...

Yes John, the Illinois State Fair is a great time!
The harness races, the live stock, the food...
ahh yes, the food.
When you are at the Illinois State Fair, one must have the following food items...

1. Corn Dog on a stick

2. Lemon shake

3. Funnel cakes

4. Fudge

5. and of course, corn on the cob

That's the best part of the fair... the eating.

How about you John?

Take it easy and keep us going with John Abuzz... the blog site is looking really good.

John said...

@Howard, yes the grounds are beautiful and they start landscaping in the Spring! Alot of the flowers are native to the state, such as wildflowers, but it has it's full share of common landscaping plants and huge hanging plants and large planters and lots of green grass.

In the Fall, maybe around the time you were in town, the have an Ethnic Food Festival that is immensely popular. The fairgrounds are kept up all year and many different events take place there. Once I went to a cat show there LOL.

@themom, you are lucky not to have a state fair near you, OMG, the grandson would want a season pass and believe me it gets OLD after the first few years! There is no getting out of taking a child to the state fair, let me tell you!

@Jim, oh yes, all kinds of races, and so much livestock. Every time I went I would have to have the vinegar fries for sure, a corn dog, and these little frozen dots of ice cream, and definitely a funnel cake, Lemon shake up (you could hear "Lem Lem Lemonade!" for a block away. Yep, I've had the corn on the cob, but I also had in recent years a turkey leg, pork barbeque sandwich, salt water taffy (and people loved to get that as a gift). And they have the best porkie burgers. I didn't do the fudge, but usually had a waffle ice cream cone, and ever since I was 21 I had a couple of imported beers from the Ethnic Village each year. Now they have stuff like deep fried twinkies and that just never sounded good!

I had to take my daughter for at least 15 years in a row...I'd have to save up $$ in advance to make sure she had a great time. I guess she was a little spoiled, but I loved to see he so excited and happy. I used to be the same way.

If anyone goes to the fair, be sure and gas up before you get to Springield. They gas gouge during the fair!

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