Friday, August 14, 2009

Garden Update 3 of 3, Squash and Gourds

Sometimes the vines grow close and intertwine, as in this case of two small watermelons on the left and Spaghetti Squash on the right. The Squash is nearly ready to harvest, and I can't wait to eat some!

This is one of the ornamental "bumpy" gourds. It's good for nothing but Fall decorations!

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kylerklnh said...

John, the squash looks like it will be delicious! I'm having pretty good luck with my zucchini right now. I'm going to make a veggie lasagna with it tomorrow. How much bigger will the watermelon get before you have to harvest them?

Maria said...

I remember back home in Minnesota when I was growing up, we would have bumper crops of zuchinni in all of our family gardens. We kept giving bags and bags away to neighbors. . . even those who were trying to get rid of theirs.

i think of this often when I have to spend so much for them in the markets now days.

John said...

kylekinh, thanks, I'm sure the squash will be delicious. Enjoy your veggie lasagna :) A couple of the watermelons can be picked pretty soon. Would try one now, but already have a store bought one to ea t first.

@Maria, that's exactly why we didn't grow zucchini! Every year several people give us plenty of zucchini--so much that we have plenty to give away too!

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