Friday, August 7, 2009

Beauty on the farm and a train

I love this picture that I took last night of a section of the Sunflower patch. A beautiful Weeping Willow tree stands in the background. We have a lot more Sunflowers than these. I couldn't get a better photo, because the sunlight was shining too bright in the background. That is why I have the Weeping Willow tree in the picture--to block out some of that light.

This is that same Weeping Willow tree, but was taken about three weeks ago before the Sunflowers started blooming. This is my favorite tree on the farm and we planted it in 1995 near one of the corners of the back yard. It is a little asymmetrical due to damage from an ice storm last year. It has also been hit by lightning in the past. It's a very hardy tree though!

This hardy Hibiscus was planted last year next to one of the porch steps. This variety doesn't get very big, but the blooms are huge and the color is a very vibrant hot pink. On the other side of the steps I planted Veronica many years ago, but it's about done for the year. I also think this plant needs a little more care than I have been giving it. So, I'm only showing a glimpse of it.

This last photo is one I took of a train about two months ago using optical zoom. This is the view in back of our property, but it is much further away than it looks. I have tried a half a dozen times to get a picture of that train, and I barely got it this time. That is another farm on the other side of the tracks. All of that luscious green is soybeans, which surround the farm on three sides. They weren't but about eight inches tall in this photo. The soybeans are so pretty, I have taken more recent pictures of the soybeans, worth sharing...soon.

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Nodami said...

I love the willow tree. It thinks its very amazing of how it looks. You also have sunflower which reminds me of my childhood days when I ate the seeds of that flowers-I don't know if it is edible or not. I love your blog because the flowers are truly yours what I mean is that you really planted them.

John said...

@Nodami, I'm glad you liked the pictures and thanks for saying you like the blog for the flowers I planted. We had other flowers earlier that I didn't even get pictures of...oh well there's always next year!

And yes the sunflower seeds are perfectly edible & much healthier than if they were roasted. The birds love them too, especially cardinals.

Thanks for commenting!

kylerklnh said...

John, the willow and soy field are spectacular. I love the sunflowers! I try to grow the taller verirties in NH, but the only ones that do very well in our small yard are the varieties that don't get too tall. We have such a short growing season I'd have to start them from seed very early in the year if I wanted something taller. Thanks for the uplifting photos.

John said...

@kyleklnh, thanks! such nice compliments and I appreciate very much. I think you could start your sunflower seed inside early in the year. I completely forgot NH having such a short growing season. What you do grow & have shown on your blog is awesome.

Glad you like the soybeans (and I will show more), but I think my local readers roll their eyes at them, since everywhere you look here you see soybeans or corn!

kylerklnh said...

Hi John, thanks for the compliments. Everyone here rolls their eyes at stands of trees, mountains, and rock formations. They are everywhere here and it is easy to take them for granted. Next year I'm going to try to start the sunflowers indoors, well before thaw. Maybe then I'll actually have some sunflowers to show off.

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