Monday, August 3, 2009

EXPOSED: The craziest person on tv and radio

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Howard said...

I couldn't believe CNN Headline News hires this crazy man. I mean, really, doesn't TV have a threshold for putting crazed on-air talent?

Jim said...

I did a hit piece on Glenn Beck and FOX News last month and there is no end to this guy's nuttiness.
The only thing is (AND IT IS SCARY) there are a lot of people that actually believe this guy.
Have you seen "Anti-Glenn Beck" on Twitter, this guy is relentless on nailing Beck for his lunacy.
Good job on this... if you can google up Beck's appearance on "The View" a couple of months ago... they lambasted him on the show... HILARIOUS!

P.S. The Packers and Vikings previews are up.

themom said...

The best thing Beck ever did was leave CNN! I was not impresssed with him then - but he was just beginning his demise into hell.

I love when people promote their books and ge the "it's top of the best seller list" status. Fine - now tell us how people liked the book. Granted, the purchase alone enhances their personal wealth - but I know people who buy Ann Coulter's books and then everyone in the neighborhood reads it - because no one wants to incur the expense on their own. DUH?!?!?

Check the video on my site - Orly Taitz of the birther movement. She belongs side by side with Beck.

John said...

@Howard, I guess CNN didn't know how crazy Glenn was in the beginning. I don't if he quit or got fired, but he's on Fox Noise Channel now. Yeah, I know he quietly snuck over there

@Jim, I will check your archives for your piece on crazy Glenn, and Twitter's Anti-Glenn Beck, and definitely look for his appearance on The View. I just love YouTube LOL

There should be lots of Packers fans checking out your blog!

@themom, yes, thank God he left CNN, HLN or whatever. I know, can you believe this jerk has like 5 bestsellers! Who buys this crap!? I heard somewhere that Glenn Beck is just playing a character and that in real life is nothing like he is portrayed on tv (yeah right)!

I will check out your blog for sure! I think Rachel Maddow just showed Orly Taitz and of course debunked her. Birthers=stupid!

Yvette Kelly said...

Charming!!! I just want to see his show when blood does eventually shoot out of his eyes.Promises,promises!!!

LazyKing said...

hahaha I love this. looool
Viva crazy people!!

John said...

@Yvette Kelly, What a great comment! I bet fire will be shooting from his nose and mouth too.

@LazyKing, isn't that hilarious! Glad you watched it and liked it! Viva Crazy People LOL Glenn Beck is at the top of the list!

Beth said...

Wow, where I have I been? Never even knew he existed until now...who watches or listens to that? Why are they always the same type of person, white middle aged male with a big...ego...mouth?

Sorry about all the whys, even my debating mother couldn't argue me on that one.

John said...

@Beth, Consider yourself lucky that you haven't had to listen to this guy up until now! The video is just a sample of his daily craziness!

There sure are a lot of middle aged white guys with a big ego & big mouth! Let's give credit, where credit is due though and add in Ann Coulter, Bay Buchanan, Mary Matalin (or as I like to call her Mary Magdelin), and the latest--Orly Taitz (Mother of the Birthers LOL)! I'm sure I left someone out!

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