Saturday, August 15, 2009

Chris Brown's new song "Changed Man"

I must admit, I really like this song. ~ John

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themom said...

Sorry, if I listen to it, I may be condoning his violent temper. I have heard from others that it is a good one though. Have a great weekend.

Allen said...

Well I only listened to half of it, it not really the kind of music I listen too. I am a Techno freak. =o)

CooKie said...

I just loved your blog
and the new song is cool
but I prefer his first
"Run it"
the best!

John said...

@themom, thanks for your comment. I'm sure you are not alone in and Chris Brown will always carry his baggage now.. I hope he is s changed man and with him being so young, I think he can eventually prove that he is indeed a changed man. Enjoy your weekend to!

@Allen, thanks for your comment. I wonder if we will be hearing this song on the radio?

@Cookie, thank you for commenting, and welcome to my blog--so glad you like it! I can't imagine Chris doing a song better than "Run It," but who knows. He is still very young, so it could happen.

Anonymous said...

I'm boycotting Chris Brown.

Not specifically because of his alleged crime. But because his first song "Run It" annoyed the cr*p outta me!!!

John said...

@Pwn_Star, funny! Poor guy can't catch a break...he can't help it that "Run It" got so over played.

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