Monday, August 31, 2009

Towering Sunflower with Multiblooms

I took this picture above early this morning, while the weather was very cool and the sunflowers on this one plant (yes, this is really just one plant) are still pretty. This is another Sunflower that was not planted, but a seed had been carried by the wind and it grew where it landed. I don't know what variety of Sunflower this is, but it is about twelve feet tall and loaded with blooms! It almost reminds me of a tree that would have bloom at the end of each branch. And this is just a view of the top half of it.

Here's a different view of it taken this evening. The wind has blown it constantly and it leans over. Again, this is just the top half of the plant.

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Kyle said...

I'm so envious John! Taller/larger Sunflowers are hard to get to grow to that height here in NH. I'm glad you shared yours.

kenju said...

WOW!! It sure is happy there!

Jim said...

Mother Nature is wondrous ...
that's a great photo.

John said...

Thanks for the comments. After I made this post, I took another picture of the sunflower, since the sun was on the opposite side. I really like the 2nd photo better!

@Kyle, Always happy to share my pics. I'm just glad somebody enjoys them! This tall sunflower was like the last tall one, in that it came from the uneaten parrot food that got thrown out for some less picky birds!

@kenju, Yes, the sunflowers do seem happy here! This one is growing up next to a large covered dog pen that protects a big rooster that none of the chickens particularly like LOL. I did a post about that rooster earlier in the month called "You're so Vain." Anyway I just hate that thing in the back yard, but it has served as support for this giant sunflower. Without it, I'm sure the wind would've blown it over by now.

@Jim, thanks! Glad you like the photo. Yeah, Mother Nature always surprises me!

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