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Whitney Houston's new cd

Whitney Houston tries a comeback with 'I Look to You'(NewsDay)

Click on the play button of this cool widget and hear her new music right now!

Whitney Houston's long awaited album, 'I Look to You' is being released Monday, August 31, 2009! I can't wait. I have always been a big fan of her music and that's what it's all about--music. As I said, I am a big fan, but I know everyone isn't. I hope to see some positive comments, but I can take whatever you've got to say--good or bad. Believe me, I doubt that any comment you leave would be something I haven't already read on the Internet!

We all know she has been down a bad road, but let me be the first to say she ain't dead yet! I have read many reviews of the new album and some are down right mean. For the most part though, the album is being very well received and there's already talks of Grammy nominations.

This has been a difficult post to make. I had many reviews and video clips bookmarked, but they have been either taken down or the videos can no longer be embedded. So, I had to start from scratch! I would've liked to have made this sooner!

You can expect heavy promotion with this cd! Whitney invites you to her free GMA concert on September 1, 2009! It's never too early to set your vcr, dvr or Tivo for Good Morning America on ABC for that date!

Whitney will appear on Oprah too! Be sure and check out Oprah's website for the details and the 'Get to Know Whitney Houston' article. As Oprah launches her 24th season opening, she calls Whitney's appearance on September 14, 2009, the most anticipated music interview of the decade! (AP)

You may have also heard a dirty rumor that Walmart would not be selling the cd! Many people believe it was true, because Miley Cyrus has a cd being released the same day (available only at Walmart) and Miley the Pole Dancer has joined forces with Walmart with her clothing line (how appropriate for young teen girls). Anyway, back to the rumor, Whitney has an official statement about this on her website. Whitney's new album will be sold in Walmart stores.

Order now from!

Here is one of my favorite reviews: Whitney Houston makes a million dollar album.

I always love to read Pop and Hiss at the LA Times Music Blog. The other day it had a thorough review of each song, and that has since been taken down! Here is the "revised" review of 'I Look to You' by Whitney Houston. This is a great review and full of lots of history and lots of readers' comments worth reading.

I'd love to hear your thoughts. Do you think Whitney Houston will make a big comeback? Oh yeah, psssssst! You can hear the whole album on her official website! (

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Mary Ellen said...

Don't even get me started on Miley Cyrus! I have a 9 year old granddaughter who loves Hanna Montana and I swear, if I see her coming over in that ratty Hanna wig one more time I'm gonna rip it right off her tiny little head! Not to mention, all those so-called kid friendly Disney shows they have on TV...Hanna Montana, Wizard's of Waverly Place, Suite Life of Zack and Cody...they are all about teens who are spoiled rotten little brats who lie to their parents and get away with it because they're cute and they can sing. Not to mention, all those shows stress the importance of money and being the most popular in school. It's sickening. I won't even let my granddaughter watch that crap at my house anymore. Ugh...

Regarding Whitney Houston...I can't say I'm a big fan of her music, but then again I don't hate it. I'll give this one a listen. Regarding her personal life...heck, just he fact that she's been in the business this long and hasn't committed suicide is something in itself. It's no wonder she's had problems with drugs in that environment, and I'm sure she had plenty of "friends" that pushed her in that direction. Very sad and if she can pick herself up and continue singing, good on her!

Kyle said...

I am right there with you John. I can't wait. I love her, love her, love her! Stan on the other hand will be purchasing ear muffs to wear that week and will be spending time in a far off cave, to escape the media blitz.

Kwizgiver said...

I can't wait to see Whitney on Oprah. That's going to be quite a kick-off for the new season. I hope she sings her new single.

therealbobthought said...

boy, me an bess is really liken your blog good music an such thank you very kindly

Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

I'm in agreement with you, Whitney is Fabulous. Her voice is so strong and clear - and so angelic. I hope she has much success with her comeback. Her voice sounds just as great, and she is still as beautiful as ever.


Obviously Darren said...

I love this new song by Whitney and am so gald that she is back - it's been a long wait. I really hope she makes a good go of it this time and is able to leave her troubles behind her.

Jo said...

I absolutely love, love, love (did I say love...?) Whitney Houston. She has one of the most beautiful voices -- ever. The worst thing that ever happened to her was getting involved with Bobby Brown. Her dragged her down during the time when she should have had some of her best years. I hope her comeback is a huge success.

Can you believe people like Britney Spears filled in the gap left by Whitney's absence?

ReRe said...

i like this song. i hope whit's come back is successful b/c she is truly talented.

themom said...

I think Whitney will ease into her music career this time. I love to listen her, but she has almost been passed up byt these younger singers (if that's what you call them.) I have and always will love her singing voice.

John said...

@Mary Ellen, ok, I won't get you started on Miley. I didn't know Disney had so many shows about spoiled brats.

Nice words about Whitney from someone who's not a big fan, so thank you!

@Kyle, I think there are a lot of us that can't wait. I also think this new album with it's ballads will attract a whole new audience. I've already been listening to the free streaming on her website, but I'm ready for the cd, so I can hear it in my car!

@Kwizgiver, me too! I will be taping Oprah that day. I'm sure Whitney will sing a song and I wouldn't be surprised if she don't sing two (less interviewing that way)!

@therealbobthought, why thank you kindly LOL I hope you listened to both the songs on that widget. "I Look to You" is the 2nd song and I can't imagine anyone that wouldn't like it!

@Sixpence and a Blue Moon, I think that is the nicest comment I've seen anywhere about Whitney! Thanks for saying it here.

@Obviously Darren, I love it too. I have a feeling this album will do great (if people will still buy cd''s hard to measure with itunes now). There are at least 4 hits on that cd though!

@Jo, I'm not surprised that you love her music and her amazing voice, because you have such good taste. I agree Bobby Brown sure brought her down. Thank God she is free of him.. Britney Spears never filled that void for me--nobody could.

@ReRe, thanks for leaving that nice comment and I couldn't agree more!

@themom, It's hard to believe it's been 25 years since Whitney started and nice to know that her true fans never forgot about her and have faith in a comeback! Yeah, there's been quite a few young female artists, but none can hold a candle to Whitney Houston!

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