Monday, August 31, 2009

Passion Fruit

Right now I'm so proud of my beautiful Passiflora edulis, commonly known as the Passion Fruit or Passion flowering vine. This is my third year growing it and as you can see, it is now bearing fruit for the first time. It also quickly overwhelmed the trellis, so Ron built an extended trellis nearly ten feet tall. Nothing fancy--It's just a tall post with some wire fencing attached. It will be covered in foliage, flowers, and fruit in a few weeks though .

I will take a picture of it later on, when the tall trellis is covered. The picture above shows one of the many Passion fruits still on the vine. The are the same color as a lime and about the same size. They are loaded with seeds, much like a pomegranate. I was up early this morning in the garden and noticed the Passion fruit on my way back in the house. I am so thankful to my friend Randy, who gave me the plant, when it was just a seedling three years ago. Thanks Randy!

Back in February I did a blog post with some pictures of last years beautiful blooms. It was cold and dreary at that time and "passion" was part of the LOVE theme of Valentine's week. This picture is my favorite and also is wall paper on my computer. The blooms are so pretty and plentiful, but they are not very large--only about 3-4" in diameter.

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Kyle said...

Truly stunning flower picture John. I love the subtle coloring.

Anonymous said...

The passionfruit flower has to be one of the most beautiful in nature. I used to have three walls covered in the vines. I am growing some from seed at the moment in this house, i hope they'll be ready this summer.


John said...

I don't know why sometimes photos are clickable and sometimes they are not (anyone?). You should hit Ctrl + a few times and magnify the picture.

@Kyle, thanks for such a nice compliment! I love these flowers too, as they remind me of my childhood. My Mom grew them when I was a young boy and I was fascinated by them even back then.

We are very lucky that these will grow up here as they are not common for this planing zone.

@Argentum Vulgaris, I'm sure they will flourish down in South America. It must be so pretty there! When I get the nerve I am going to take a picture of our banana tree--you will laugh! I don't think it will bear fruit in my lifetime.

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