Monday, August 31, 2009

Pumpkins are orange now

As I mentioned in previous posts, I was up at sunrise (damn roosters!) and went out to enjoy the very cool weather and take some pictures around the farm. This is my third post on the pumpkins. Here's a link to the first blog post and here is a link to the second blog post. All the pumpkins are turning orange now. The photo above is one of the miniature pumpkins.

Some are more dark orange than others. The pumpkins range in size from the miniatures--about three inches in diameter to the giant ones. I saw several that had to be at least two feet tall. The pumpkin patch is full of weeds and it was damp, so I didn't want to venture out too far. I did take a couple of pictures though just to show the orange color. The last time we grew pumpkins, many of them did not turn orange. I am so glad that they will be ready earlier this year, because it can get quite cold in October during the harvest! We will have all the pumpkins harvested by the first week of October before it gets real cold (hopefully).

Speaking of cold, would you believe it is supposed to get down to 43 degrees Fahrenheit tonight. That is very cold for this time of year. It was a beautiful day today--sunny and in the mid seventies Fahrenheit.

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therealbobthought said...

i haven't even seen one of my pumpkins develop this year, just small plants tho, but cucumbers galore.
thanks for stoppin in and commenting,i have been nominated for one blog site for the paoples choice award. cool huh. thanks

John said...

@therealbobthought, maybe you put your pumpkins out too late or too early. Congrats on you peoples choice award nomination...put something on your blog about it, so you can get some votes HELLO!

PS- I nominated Weather Vane in the "Blogitizer" category, it's for creative writing. Be sure and vote. She really likes awards and this one really suits her instead of all those "meme" awards. God, i hate those LOL.

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