Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sleigh Lady Sleigh: A Bob Dylan Christmas Album

Like the man (almost) sang: Everybody must get snow. Bob Dylan plans to release a collection of familiar yuletide tunes, to be called “Christmas in the Heart,” with proceeds of the album to benefit hunger-relief charities, he announced on his Web site, (Click the shared link above for the full article).

More news on the Bob Dylan Christmas Album:

While it's certainly a well intentioned effort, have you you heard him sing lately? Here's how he sounded live last summer in Madrid singing what he sings best.

Now listen to the music in the next video.
Can you understand any of what he is singing?!

This is the all new version of Bob Dylan's Dignity, from Hannover, Germany AWD-Hall, from March 31, 2009.

In case you can't understand him, here's some of the first lyrics to this song:
first line is: (can't you tell)?!

"Fat man lookin' in a blade of steel
Thin man lookin' at his last meal
Hollow man lookin' in a cotton field
For dignity."

Since it's for charity, I wish him much luck with the album. Enough said!
~ John

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therealbobthought said...

sorry charity or not, whoa nellie

Jeve (aka John and Steve) said...

Wow! This is great!

Mary Ellen said...

I like some of his old stuff, but I can tell ya, that first song was not his best. But like you said, he's doing it for charity, so might be worth buying as a gift for a friend who's into Dylan.

BTW, I have a YouTube video on the bottom of my new post at Bad Habit. I was lazy and cross posted from Eating Habits. Check it'll crack up.

John said...

@therealbobthought, LOL, my thoughts exactly! I wonder if it will scare small children?

@Jeve (aka John and Steve), It is great to see any celebrity raise money for charity. Let's hope he lays off the "eggnog" during recording LOL. I may have to buy this!

@Mary Ellen, When I heard this news I thought, you mean he's still alive? I guess he's been busy making lots of money in Europe. Good for him.

You have a great idea for the perfect gift for that hard to buy for stoner on your shopping list!

Hey, thanks for the heads up on the video--they're always funny. I will go check it out!

Mary Ellen said...

John- I just put up another post with a video, which was also a hoot. But the one I was talking about earlier was the one on the dog post. I want to train my dog to do that.


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