Friday, August 21, 2009

Junk Mail from State of Illinois

You may have to hit Ctrl + a couple of times to enlarge the text to read the letter above.

This is the SECOND time I have received this fancy piece of mail from the state of Illinois. You know the kind that has no envelope and you must fold on the perforated lines on each side and top, tear them off and wallah you have a letter with no envelope.

This is just another example of why our state is broke...sending out this crap! I wonder how many more times they will send it? If they know my plates are defective and the manufacturer will replace them, then send the d*mn plates already and stop wasting money on mailings!

This has got to be the dumbest piece of mail I have ever received from the state!

According to an article in yesterday's Illinois Times, the state of Illinois budget deficit tops 10 billion dollars! For the state to be spending money on these multiple mailings, while the deficit soars is just irresponsible. Election day can't come soon enough for this state!

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Mean Mama said...

I agree John. This is absurd. It is a waste of trees and a waste of time. All they would have to do is place an option on the city website or information at the licencing facilities. Everyone who drives a car should have the common sense to know that they can't drive with defective plates. If they don't, a chat with a friendly neighborhood cop could inform them. Maybe you should write the state.

Shigune Matsui said...

Ah, I see.

themom said...

That would have been issued by the Dept of DUMB, I would presume!!! LOL

John said...

@Mean Mama, you got that right! Like I said, it's no wonder the state is broke.

@Shigune Matsui, glad you see how ridiculous my state government can be!

@themom, Dept. of DUMB! That's a good one. Maybe they will change it from the DMV to the DMB (Dept. of Motor Dummies)!

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