Monday, August 10, 2009

Hillary Snaps on Student

Have you seen this?
You know you want to!
Come on, it's only a minute long!
Video from CBS News Online:

And this from the UK News Times Online Aug. 11, 2009
Hillary Clinton: I am Secretary of State, not Bill - Times Online

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Allen said...


haha the kid struck a nerve with her.

That was funny, thanks for posting it.



kenju said...

HA. I don't blame her for reacting that way. The student was naive to ask that.

BTW, she looks tired.

Yvette Kelly said...

I don't think it was such a bad question considering when her husband was president he spoke her thoughts...The wheel does turn!

John said...

he did get on her last nerve and I thought it was funny the she told him like it was!

I don't blame her telling what I would've said! I think it shows she has a human side just like all of us. And she had to be tired after all the recent travel. I also think it shows she is strong willed and won't take any crap! It may not have been the most diplomatic way to answer, but who will remember that in a few months!

@Yvette Kelly,
You could have a point there. After all during the first Clinton presidential campaign he said on 60 Minutes show, vote me and you get "Two for One."

Another thing, it may not have been the best foreign policy decision, but it did save the lives of Euna Lee and Laura Ling to have Pres. Clinton go to North Korea. Kim Jong il insisted that only a visit from President Clinton would free them. That was a slap to Hillary, if you had been following what she said about Kim Jong il and then how he insulted her right back.

The fact that it was Pres. Clinton instead of Secretary of State Clinton that went to North Korea does look a little confusing. But in the end it was just a error in translation and the translator later apologized as did the student who asked the question, which referred to President Obama's opinion, not Bill Clinton's.

Yvette Kelly said...

Ha then she would have given the same answer."You want the President's opinion?I am the Secretary of State!!"
Never mind me Im just playing Devil's Advocate...

John said...

@Yvette, She should've said that, but I guess it is a big part of her job to be a spokesperson internationally for the Obama administration...she's not supposed to inject any of "her" beliefs, etc., but only represent the President (Obama).

I hope it wasn't too confusing for you or anyone to see me refer to Bill Clinton as "President" Clinton. Any living former president is supposed to be referred to as "President" for the rest of their life, even if they aren't the sitting president. I guess it's not written in stone though and the Clinton haters will call him Bill (or worse) and some people will refer to him as "former president."

I bet Hillary would have kept Bill on a short lease had she won the presidency! By the way, I was a big supporter of hers right up until she dropped out of the race. And Obama was the senator from MY state!

Oh how I wish I had my new politics blog up, this post would've been on it!

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