Friday, June 19, 2009

Blowing In The Wind

Late this afternoon it kept getting darker and darker and then all hell broke loose with high winds and vertical rain. I just opened my back door and zoomed in on my bed of Hollyhocks as the wind blew them at times almost to the ground. There's a few Sunflowers in the lower left right that were bending down pretty far too. Click the photo for a larger view.

In town our Wendy's sign blew over, as did a bunch of trees and utility poles. No injuries to report. We survived another storm. It seems like we have a lot of stormy days this time of year. That's central Illinois for 'ya!

That empty trellis is the home of my Passion Flower Vines, which are only about six inches tall right now.

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Rae said...

Your hollyhocks are pretty -well they would be gorgeous if they weren't leaning. BTW- Which way do you put on your shoes? I only see sunflowers on the right. The Illinois DMV should reconsider a vision test.

John said...

@Rae, Thanks! Yes, the Hollyhocks are pretty. I'll have to take another pic on a sunnier day, when the wind isn't blowing!

LOL, yes the sunflowers are indeed on the right! Thanks for noticing! I edited that and even did a strikethrough instead of just changing left to right!

Those sunflowers weren't even planted. The seeds must've blown out of a birdfeeder and landed there!

libhom said...

I wonder if this was one of the derechos the Weather Channel keeps talking about.

John said...

@Libhom, I don't know, but as of Sunday, my Hollyhocks still aren't standing up straight!

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