Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Last of the Pridefest photos, Me and Mr. Dreamy

Yes, I had a great time!

Mr. Dreamy...my new bf in waiting! Yeah, right! Actually I couldn't resist taking his picture, and he was cool with it. I am going to email it to him. Yes, he gave me his business card too!

Thanks, Ron for cutting my legs out of the picture. I was all stretched out!

Another great photo(not) by Ron --who was supposed to get the entire sign in the picture! I'm either brave or crazy for publishing this one (or both)! Okay, the fun's over until next year!

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Mean Mama said...

Great pictures John. He is pretty cute! My uncle is a long term non-progresser. Most of his friends and former lovers are gone. It is very sad. When I was in middle school, my Mom moved us to SF. Uncle is not actually my uncle but a close family friend. I was a latch-key kid, and awkward. He and his friends taught me how to be "girly", and brought me for fancy lunches, and spoiled me with nice clothing. I love him very much. He has been HIV pos for over 20 years. He made me promise to make him a patch, so seeing your pictures made me cry, but also made me very happy to see so many people out there. I miss the Gay Pride parades in SF.

Rae said...

Love your photos. You should have had your picture taken with Mr. Dreamy. Or would Ron have been jealous?

You are a brave soul for standing under that sign for a photo op. Nothing like being posted on the internet under an advertisement for sweet meat!!LOL

Larry Ohio said...

Great pics! Looks like the whole day was wonderful.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

"Sweet Meat" hahahahahaha. Glad you had fun my man.

John said...

@MeanMama, Thank you for the compliment on the pics and glad you agree about Mr. Dreamy LOL.

I'm sorry to hear about your Uncle, and hope he is feeling good. 20 years, wow, no cure, but we've sure came a long way and I hope he's got another good 20 years or more.

I never realized the quilt photos would evoke such emotion from others. I was very touched to see them all and got a little choked up reading them.

I have seen the big quilt on display in Washington and it is a real tear jerker, because it is so large. They still probably never have all the quilt panels together.
One of these days I will post some pictures of Liberace's & Rock Hudson's and other quilt panels.

Most of the quilt panels look like they took a lot of time and effort. I hope you never have to make your quilt panel. Thanks for sharing your story too. I appreciate it!

@Rae, thank you! So glad you love the the pics. Gosh no, Ron wouldn't be jealous, but he would've probably would have taken a blurry picture or one with my eyes closed, or cut my head off etc!

Ha! Brave indeed under that sign! I have better pics of Ron under the sign, but those will be kept private.

@Larry_Ohio, Thank you for the comment, and yes it really was a wonderful day!

@Dr. Monkey, I learned from your blog, never to miss an opportunity to take a picture of a weird sign! Thanks for commenting!

Mary Ellen said...

Wow! Great pics, John!!!

I'm sorry for my long absence...my daughter is visiting from New Hampshire and I've been so busy with her and the rest of the family. She'll be leaving on Thurs. evening so will find more time to visit you and other bloggers.

My daughter who is visiting, my other daughter, and son all went to the gay pride parade in Chicago the other day and they had a blast! I wish I could have gone, but I stayed home to take care of my granddaughter, and besides, they want to hang out with each other...not mom!

BTW, I wrote a very important public safety announcement on my blog today which is very relevant to 4th of July. Please read it if you get a chance and if you can pass it on to anyone, please do so...I would so much appreciate it. Thanks!

John said...

@Mary Ellen, Thank you...you are just too nice. Loved hearing from you! Enjoy your family time; that is so important.

I would love to see the Chicago parade! It is usually on the same day as St. Louis's though.

I'll definitely read you post (I always read all of your posts though). I will also re-post or provide a link or something.

Thanks again, I really appreciate the comment.

Jo said...

I am playing catch up again, and I just scrolled through your posts. Great photos! Vancouver has a pride parade too, and about 250,000 people show up to watch it every year. The first one in Vancouver was in 1973, and it seems to have grown exponentially every year since then.

So ... he gave you his card? Hmmmm ... that's a very good sign. Keep us posted. :-)

kenju said...

Great photos! What were they selling under that sign??? LOL

John said...

@Jo, what a nice surprise to hear from you! Oh, I can imagine Vancouver would have a grand celebration getting bigger every year.

I'm only kidding around about Mr. Dreamy LOL! I'm already taken, but I always say you can never have too many friends.

@kenju, Great question! They were selling some organic beef steak tips on skewers. Ron said it was delicious, and it was about 12" long.

Rae said...

Hey dear friend,
Just a PS to add. Mr Dreamy looks good but the guy in the other photos looks better!! Ron is a lucky guy.

John said...

@Rae, ahh thanks, you made me blush.

themom said...

Great, great pictures. It truly looks like you had a terrrificly great time. I have been is a state of flux and perusing the blogs and leaving few comments. I'm playing catch-up now.

ReRe said...

look at you looking so cute!

Allen said...

This is awesome, I should have went to ours this year, but I had way to much going on. Next year I plan on being in Key West pride. I hear that its the best. I will have to see. =o)

John said...

@themom, thanks for the nice comment, and yes it was a terrific time. And believe me, I know what you mean about playing catch up (me too)! I have a lot of blogs cto visit...so much good stuff out there! Well as an accountant, you can imagine how busy I get around the 1st of every month--it cuts into my blog reading, etc!

Oh and trying to get these last six posts up (all from Pridefest) before July was a challenge and I barely made it! June went by too fast!

@ReRe, thanks! *blush* If you say so LOL I never am sure whether I should post a pic of myself, so thanks for that!

@Allen, glad you enjoyed the Pridefest posts! I think you are right about Key West! I have heard it is very gay friendly all year round, so I can imagine they put on quite a pride festival!

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