Sunday, June 7, 2009

MC Hammer Pants "Can't Touch This" Style Comeback

No, no, no! Just because something is seen on runways does not mean that it is the next big fashion trend (thank God). It doesn't matter that Fergie was photographed wearing the Harem pants. Ladies, please!

And Hammer pants for men? I hope not. As Valerie Cherish would say, "I don't need to see that!"

Ok, I will admit that I used to own a pair of these black Hammer pants back in the day. I was young and dumb. But I wouldn't dare leave the house in them! It was in the early eighties and lots of my friends had them. I thought I might wear mine out to a club some time, but I never did.

They were very comfortable lounge wear, and that is all! Hmmm, I wonder if I still have my vintage pair of Hammer pants. My daughter probably found them a few years later and burned them to save herself from possible embarrassment. Can you imagine being seen with your Dad wearing a pair of those?

Click the title link for the ABC news story and runway show video.

What do you think? Hammer pants, hot or not?

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Rae said...

Okay John-confession time-did you also wear your shirt unbuttoned to the waist and wear the Mr. T gold jewelry chains too? What about the high top sneakers?

I would pay to have a picture of you in those harem pants. I am just imagining all the things I could post on my blog about it. I will be thinking about it all day. LOL

Have a great day my friend.

themom said...

Nope - didn't like them then - I can't say I like them now. Thegrandson has heard the "Can't Touch This" song and runs around singing now. Good grief. I do love the fun of watching him and his creativity. BTW, yes, yes, was Andy Dick. All I could think of was Carrot Top. Thanks - I hate brain farts.

kenju said...


John said...

@Rae, Back in the 80's the shirts for guys were fitted much larger, and I was a skinny guy. So, no I didn't wear my shirts half unbuttoned. And I never ownded any kind of Mr. T bling! I did wear herringbone gold chains though! There's a pic on my facebook of me in '92 in the desert and my shirt is unbuttoned halfway down!

And high top sneakers... oh God yeah. I even wore a pair of yellow & white ones when I marched in a pride parade in Washington back in 87! Ok, I may have to post a pic of me during my activist years, since it's pride month! Also, I am like Imelda Marcos (God rest her soul), when it comes to shoes!

As far as I know, no pictures exist of me wearing those Hammer pants! I sure hope not, anyway!

@themom, I didn't really like them either, but my cousin Kenny and I were so much a like that whatever he had I had to have and vice versa! He was always ahead of everyone else, me included!

I hope thegrandson doesn't see the MC Hammer video and start asking for the pants! Also, glad I could help you remember that dick, Andy Dick (in your meme post).

@kenju, I am with you on that one! Just look at the 1st three words of my post!

Thanks for the comments everyone!

travelingman said...

John...the pics of me floating around in OP shorts back in the 80's keeps me fearful to this day. I look like Jimminy Cricket in shorts. There are also some pics floating around of me at the March on Washington in 1993 that also strike a bit of fear in me.

I never had harem pants but did own a pair of parachutte pants back in the day, with suede moon boots...ugh, that was before I learned the difference between a fad and fashion.

John said...

@travelingman, Jiminy Cricket in shorts LOL. I will let you know, if I ever come across one of those pics of you!

I loved parachute pants! I still have mine--black and they felt so good on me. Of course, now I can't even button them. I hope they come back in style!

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