Thursday, June 25, 2009

Farrah Fawcett: Jaclyn Smith Remembers Charlie's Angel co-star, Barbara Walters EXCLUSIVE - ABC News

Farrah Fawcett: Jaclyn Smith Remembers Charlie's Angel co-star, Barbara Walters EXCLUSIVE - ABC News

"Now she rests with the real angels." --Jaclyn Smith 6/25/09

It goes without saying that I am sad to hear that Farrah has passed away. She'll never be forgotten in my lifetime. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family.

I have previously made two blog posts about Farrah.
~ John

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kenju said...

I thought that was a very good program last night. Jacklyn and Ryan were both so touching.

Jo said...

I missed the interview with Ryan. They bumped the program up one night, and we didn't get it in Canada. Phooey.

I think everyone loved Farrah, didn't they?

Truly the end of an era.

John said...

@kenju, I agree it was a good program. I wish Ryan & Farrah could've married before her death (for several reasons, I'll just leave it at that).

@Jo, Sorry you missed the show. I'm sure many Canadians were disappointed. Yes, I do think that everyone loved Farrah! They sure copied her hairsytle too!

Jo said...

Well, there ya go...! It works. Yay!

Yes, I feel very (!!!) bad about Michael Jackson's death, but it's sort of unfortunate that he pushed Farrah off the front page. Farrah deserved more than just a footnote. But I'm going to miss them both. I think I will "borrow" my Thriller CD back so I can play it... *heh*

John said...

@Jo, Oh wow, I am so excited now! I always have loved change

Yes, it's doubly sad that two icons passed away on the same day. I made it a point to make seperate posts. I think it's been difficult on the media trying to cover both of these stories at the same time.

Thanks for commenting and thanks for all your help!

Brenda said...

Hi John,
Came here via Jo's blog. Looks like you are from my neck of the woods. I live in St. Louis. I have some bridge pictures similar to yours. I love the Alton bridge.
I'll come visit more later....just wanted to see if your comment thing is working here.

John said...

@Brenda, Thank you so much for helping me check out my new commenting format, and I'm so happy to have a visitor from St.Louis! You will find out at my blog that I have a great love for St.Louis! And the Alton Bridge is stunning at night!

Thanks again, I am so excited now LOL.

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