Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My friends on cover of local magazine

Congratulations to my neighbors and friends Scott & Joel for making the cover and feature story in the June issue of Out & About Illinois. They are my neighbors at work, since our shop is located in a mostly residential area. Scott and Joel are two of the nicest guys you will ever meet. Like so many others, I am very proud of them for all of their accomplishments.

In April Scott become the first openly gay elected offical in Jacksonville. He now serves as Ward 1 Alderman. Scott was the only political candidate in Illinois to receive a national endorsement from the Victory Fund, a national political action committee dedicated to electing openly lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered (LGBT) people to public office. Congratulations, Scott!

Both Scott and Joel are well respected in Jacksonville, and each has an abundance of accomplishments and contributions to the area. All of that and more are mentioned in Dave Barker's feature article.

Scott and Joel will celebrate four years together on July 1, 2009. I was happy to receive a wedding announcement yesterday; they are heading to Iowa to be officially married on their anniversary. A wedding celebration will later be held at Congregational Church of Christ in Jacksonville, where they are both members and Joel is the Director of Music and a musician.

The free magazine is now available all over central Illinois. At this link you will find a list of pick up locations, including four places in Jacksonville. Be sure and explore the entire page. It is full of links, including a free PDF version of this issue and previous issues.

A special thanks goes out to Dave Barker, editor and publisher of Out & About Illinois for putting Jacksonville on the map cover! Thank you, Dave! I know that I speak for many, when I say we appreciate all you do for the LGBT community.

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Mary Ellen/Nunly said...

That was so nice of you to share that with us, John! What a nice "work neighbor" you are. ;-)

John said...

@Mary Ellen, thanks for reading and commenting! I had to clarify neighbors at work, since I don't have any real close neighbors at the farm--except for lots of soybeans!

Rae said...

It's so great when fantastic people like Scott and Joel get the recognition they deserve. They sound like a great couple and some wonderful friends to have.

John said...

@Rae, Thanks for the comment. Yes, it's great and they really are a great couple, wonderful neighbors and friends to all. I hope you get to hear Joel sing some time. His voice is amazing.

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