Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pridefest St. Louis 2009

It was the Pridefest St. Louis 2009 event this past weekend and Ron and I were more than ready to get away for the weekend! Yes, this is what some people just call "Gay Pride Weekend." Pridefest St. Louis is the official name of the event though. Here's a billboard featuring Sandra Bernhard, who was scheduled to be the parade marshall on Saturday. I don't believe she arrived in time for the parade. She hadn't arrive on time for her Sunday afternoon show either. It would have been great to see her!

MokaBe's Coffee House, 3606 Arsenal in St. Louis was one of many places welcoming Pridefest. They even had rainbow patio style umbrellas over all the outdoor tables. Rainbow flags could be seen all over the place.

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kenju said...

Too bad Sandra didn't get there. Did she give a reason?

John said...

@kenju, I never heard and everyone I asked was very vague and just said she wouldn't be starting her show on time. I believe she was to be on stage at 3:15 p.m and we left at 5:00, since we had other things to do too.

I wonder if she got arrested for cussing out security at the airport!

John said...

Hmmm, I could have sworn I updated this in the comments to say that I read somewhere that Sandra DID in fact arrive in time for the parade. I assume she did her show, but it had to be several hours later than scheduled. ~ John

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