Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Look-a-Like

Part of my weekend birthday celebration included an outing at Harrah's Casino in St. Louis. And I came out money ahead!

Anyway, I was waiting in a line to cash in some chips after doubling my money playing Three Card Poker.

People in line to cash in chips are always friendly. This one guy kept talking to me a lot and I was starting to feel a little uncomfortable. I knew he was leading up to something, then he finally said it. He told me I looked just like Dave Matthews!

I searched for some pics of Dave and he is like a chameleon--he looks different in all his photos. I did find this photo and I do see a resemblance. Sorry I don't have one of me to place beside Dave's for comparison.

It's hard to believe I would look so much like anyone, since I have the high forehead! I couldn't impersonate or tell people that I am Dave Matthews though, because he is much taller than me!

I took it as a compliment. It's better than the last time someone told me something like that. It was once when I needed a haircut and I had my hair parted on the side and a lady told me I looked like Pee Wee Herman! Needless to say, I won't part my hair anymore.

Those incidents made me think of a website I noticed late one night. At this My Heritage page you can upload a photo, and it will use face recognition technology to match you up with a celebrity! It's not perfect, but is something fun to do on a rainy day.

I haven't tried it yet with my own photos, but I did play around with photos of other people. My daughter was surprised to see it match a photo of her to one of Britney Spears. My friend Brad didn't mind being matched up to Ricky Martin either! A photo of my grandson at age 5, matched up with a photo of Josh Hartnett. That one was like age projection, which was neat to see. Try it out sometime. It's free!

They say everyone has a look-a-like, so who is yours?

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kenju said...

I tried that several years ago and I don't remember who they matched me with, but it was ludicrous!

John said...

kenju, hello! Yes, I know what you mean. Of course, my daughter doesn't look like Britney Spears LOL! It was simply a matching facial expression mostly.

Sometimes it will even match you up to the opposiite sex or a different race!

Jo said...

I can definitely see a resemblance between you and Dave Matthews...!

I did that celebrity face recognition thing, and every single person it matched me up with was Chinese. Do I look Chinese? I tried it several times with different pictures ... same result. It made me chuckle.

John said...

Jo, thanks! I agree--at least that particular pic of Dave.

Even after all of this time it seems like that program still doesn't have enough pics in its database to make better matches.

Rae said...

Yes John - you have the Dave Matthews look. Maybe you could do one of those look alike reviews and make some extra money.

I would be afraid to do the look a like thing. It would probably come back saying I look like Mother Teresa because of all my wrinkles or else it would say REJECT - Operation aborted -unable to process -overload overload!!

Mary Ellen/Nunly said...

My daughter had a major crush on Dave Matthews when she was a teenager. I never minded when she blasted his music from her room...it wasn't that bad.

I'll have to check out your look a like thingy, but I'd have to find a picture of myself to do it. I hide from the camera...it's rare to find a pic of me anywhere. I'm super camera shy, it's almost a phobia with me.

John said...

@Mary Ellen/Nunly, You know I think Dave Matthews is in a league of his own. I never realized how popular he was until I started googling.

Yes, do play around with the My Heritage page, it can be fun! I know there's probably very few photos on earth of you! Don't be so shy, and don't worry about it (that's what they tell me). I don't like to have my pic taken either (unless it's dark LOL).

Thanks for the comment, and glad to see you back online. Will be over to visit your blog later!

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