Monday, June 1, 2009

Nurse Jackie

Showtime's new series "Nurse Jackie" premieres Monday, June 8, 2009. DirecTV subscribers get a sneak peak on Channel 101. I watched it last night and don't know what to think of it! Don't talk during it, or blink. If you do, you will surely miss something in this fast paced half hour dark comedy.

I loved Edie Falco in the Sopranos and I love her in this new series. Sure, she's a bitch, and a ho, and crazy as hell, but unfortunately she is also addicted to pain meds. How sad to see a nurse snorting drugs. I guess it makes for good tv, but if I were a nurse I would be fuming! I really hope as the series develops that Nurse Jackie will overcome her drug addiction. The show would still be a big hit.

So you don't have showtime? Well, surely it will be on dvd after the season is over. But wait! If you really want to watch the first episode (minus the F bomb and other adult content) you can watch it here thanks to showtime and Youtube!

If you watch it let me know what you think!

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Rae said...

I don't get showtime now but I might have to now. Yeah, the drug abuse bothers me but I like what I see so far. If more nurse's would stand up and be advocates like Jackie, patients would receive better care.

travelingman said...

I watched it and loved it. Watching her craft a new character with flaws is interesting. I thought that learning in this episode that she no longer drinks says something. I think that they will deal with this in a positive way on the show hopefully as I too found the drug abuse a bit off. I know a lot of nurses, my bbf is a nurse and I am going to have her over to watch it and get her take on it, I will let you know what she thinks.

Mary Ellen/Nunly said...

I don't get Showtime, so thanks for pointing this out. I'll be watching it on the link you provided for me.

Unfortunately, alcoholism and drug abuse is not uncommon among nurses, especially ER nurses and those who work with terminal patients (especially children) on a regular basis. My daughter was an ER nurse and she got out because she was starting to show signs of depression. She saw what it did to the other nurses and didn't want it to happen to her. She now works in an office, 9-5, weekends off and she said she would never go back to the ER. On the other hand, my son-in-law is an ER doc...but he's an asshole, so drugs can only improve him.

themom said...

I have seen the previews, and asked myself - if a show about a drug addicted nurse is something I want to watch. I will probably check it out and see where it is going. Curiosity killed the cat, you know!

Jo said...

I can't open the video at work (YouTube is blocked) so I will watch it at home. I'm not sure if I get Showtime. I just subscribed to about a million new channel, and it might be one of them.

Did you see "Grey Gardens" on HBO? It was fabulous!

Have you seen "Breaking Bad"?

So many good shows -- so little time. :-)

John said...

@Rae, Showtime is good, it also has Weeds, which is pretty funny. I think the best show on that channel is The Tudors! The season just ended and I can't wait until January for the new season. In the meantime it will be fun to watch Nurse Jackie! I guess we just have to realize it's just a show for entertainment and enjoy it for that.

@travelingman, I agree and I am also going to have one of my friends that's a nurse check it out and see what he thinks. I'm sure he'll be rolling on the floor.

@Mary Ellen/Nunly, I'm sure you're right. I forgot not too long ago a nursing home here fired an R.N. for stealing presecription drugs. Maybe your son in-law is like the boob groping Dr. in this show. Oh and thanks for the info. My nephew is in school to be an E.R. Nurse Practictioner (sp?). I don't think I have to worry about him...hopefully!

@themom, I think you'll laugh all through it. Nurse Jackie sure has a potty mouth. The free showing on youtube would've been funnier with a bleeping sound instead of just cutting out the curse words.

John said...

@Jo, you probably wouldn't want to watch it at work anyway! It might gross you out to see the blood and gore in the E.R. that it shows. I won't go into detail and spoil for anyone.

Yes! I saw "Grey Gardens." Thanks to your blog post about it! I don't think I ever would've watched it, if I hadn't read that first. So thank you! I was talking like Little Edie for a week. I'm still in awe of that movie and wish I could see the documentary that was made.

No, I didn't see "Breaking Bad," but just wrote myself a note to check it out. Thanks! And thank you for being a follower and for commenting. I really appreciate it.

Mary Ellen said...

I have a very, hot, steamy post today, John. Check it out. :-)

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