Tuesday, June 2, 2009

For Sale By Owner

This was in a yard on North Main Street in my town. The guy that made it is a Historical Restoration Woodworker (or something like that). Needless to say, it must not have sold, since it is now thrown up against his fence in the back yard.

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themom said...

I'd be half tempted to buy it...great prop for Halloween.

Rae said...

You crazy fool. You make my day.
I want to come to your town and see this stuff. Unbelievable.

John said...

@themom, it would be great for Halloween! The Jaycees should've bought it for their haunted house. Actually, I think the "owner" made it for a civil war re-enactment and had it left over.

@Rae, thanks, I know I am LOL. I wish I knew how to add a character to my header with a popup that says "he's full of it alright!" One of these days I will find somebody creative to help me do it!

This pic was close to my work place, so I walked over with my cell phone and took the photo...then took off running before anyone saw me.

Oh wait until I post my "Redneck Yard Sale" photo! It was only a few doors down, but a not the same day. Saving that one for a lazy blog day!

kenju said...

You could plant flowers in it! LOL

John said...

@kenju, that's you, always thinking of creative ways to use things! I already have a giant tractor tire as a flower bed! Isn't that tacky enough! I am on a farm though!

That pine box creeps me out. To be honest, "I don't need to see that!" --famous quote of Valerie Cherish in HBO's "The Comeback."
(cancelled, but on dvd, is so funny!)

Gosh, I hope the woodworker don't see this comment and make that into a raised flower bed! It is practically across from the flower shop too!

Blonde Goddess said...

I think it would make a wonderful trundle bed...hehehe

Mary Ellen/Nunly said...

I don't know...I think I would line it with plastic and turn it into a beer cooler.

Or, I would fill it with all the naked Barbie's with missing limbs and frizzy hair that my kids left behind when they grew up and moved. I would then bury it in and hope that someday someone would dig it up and check inside. I'd love to see the look on their face when they first glance at the sight of a mass of naked, plastic bodies and extra limbs.

Really...I found a suitcase full of them when I clean out my attic a couple of months. It creeped me out.

John said...

@Blonde Goddess, LOL a lovely trundle bed...for The Addams Family!

@Mary Ellen/Nunly, What a great idea to lined & filled with ice & beer (for a Halloween party)!

You are so hilarious with that other idea. The wooden box would deteriorate though. Put the Barbie parts in a time capsule!

Anonymous said...

if this came in black i could've bought it LOL

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